Shedding Skin

Have you ever felt that things are going exactly the way they should be going, yet you feel lost in the midst of the divine path? What if transformation actually meant that tonight I go away, never to return, and another David steps in to resume this path? What will he be like? Where is he coming from? All I know is that he’s fulfilling the divine path – the life purpose – of raising the vibration for the spiritual and scientific evolution of mankind. He is ascending to set an example to lead others to follow their purposeful direction, whatever that direction may be, and whatever direction anyone chooses is the perfect direction for each individual.

We all go through changes. We may resist, or we may embrace transcendence. We may move slowly or race wholeheartedly at incredible speeds. Over a hundred years ago, Einstein put himself on an accelerated path to understand what happens when one travels at velocities approaching the speed of light. And the old Einstein never returned. Gone was the version that struggled in school. He emerged anew from this experience and became successful with many theories that still hold true to this day. This is why we know him as the genius.

Imagine floating further back in time to see the transformation of others that have helped our ascension and evolution. Copernicus wanted to tell humanity that our planet revolves around the sun, not the other way around. And he was correct, as verified scientifically later, but he had to go on this journey at a time where he could never ever return. His proposal was released while he was on his deathbed in order to avoid punishment for rewriting the knowledge of our universe at the time.

I fast forward and float above myself – an ordinary man with extraordinary ideas. I never knew how much I would change when I wrote that there’s even more to the universe than what we know. And even now, I’m feeling lost in a sea of ideas. Everything came full circle with the universe. Before the Big Bang and in its singularity state, the universe had to go through its own ascension process just to get to the point that we think is the beginning. Our view of the universe is like looking at a flower, knowing it came from a bud, yet ignoring how that bud grew from a twig that sprouted from a seed buried in the dirt. At some point in its timeline, the universe had to shed its skin. It had to leave whatever it was behind, in order to become something entirely new. It didn’t know what that would be, and that’s why we must experience the beginning from our perceptual position – so the universe can come into its own knowing what it has become. And this is why we know what we are in every cell of our being. We’re just remembering this a little bit at a time as science progresses.

So now, as I float adrift in this endless sea of ideas for another book and workshops that will transform the human consciousness and enlightenment, the only thing I truly know is that I am leaving this world. When I awaken, I will be new. And it’s good to know that, isn’t it?

So the next time you feel lost, remember that this is a state of being, not just a feeling, and that this is exactly where you need to be. Nothing is wrong with you, as you are perfect just the way you are, and nothing needs to be fixed. This is simply the process of your transformation taking shape in the form of you. And in time, all of the answers to the questions you are asking will be revealed, because they are already known by you in an eternal timeless state. And as the answers become revealed, it will be at the time that is absolutely perfect for you, and in that state of knowing, it’s good to know that, isn’t it? When you shed your skin, you will always emerge as a beautiful soul. This is the natural law of the universe. This is the evolution of consciousness at work for the highest and best good. This is the path we must all take, just to get to the beginning.

Thank you for reading and sharing this experience.


This post was originally published on May 18, 2015. It seems to be applicable at all times. 🙂


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