Six Ways to Believe More!

Belief is your ticket to unlimited happiness. I’m not going to tell you what to believe in except for this: Believe in yourself! It’s as simple as that! Belief comes in all kinds of varieties. It goes from one end of the spectrum with religious and spiritual beliefs to the other end with disbelief. Yes, disbelief IS a belief system. I have heard arguments that one cannot prove the existence of God because there is not data to support it. Well, I say we had microbes before we knew they existed. And this new idea was not well taken by the scientific community originally. Anybody who thinks science is not belief-based should study string theory. Seriously, look into it! While based on sound science, there has yet to be one observation in nature supporting any of the string theories. But that doesn’t mean they are wrong. We just have to keep looking!

Image: “Embrace” by Jai Lu

I find myself observing the state of our belief systems, and I ask this question: How can I help even more people to break free from limiting beliefs and give them even more power to break themselves free? You see, we ALL have downloads straight from the source that are ready to install! The only thing stopping us is our own blocks to this wonderful process. What blocks, you ask? Limiting beliefs! I am not talking about religion, but people in religion for thousands of years have installed limiting beliefs to keep the masses in control. Today, governments try to keep us in a constant state of fear so we remain obedient, keeping them in control. Even our own social programming and education can give us ideas that limit how powerful we believe ourselves to be.

Once I started thinking of limiting programs that determine how we act (on a subconscious level, mind you), then ideas started coming THROUGH me! Because thought in itself does not belong to me – it is from the universal consciousness, from which I am a vessel to be filled. I am an antenna to pick up this signal. The more I download, the better the signal! And you can too! I am going to give a little exercise. Simply read these following statements. These are designed to identify the limiting belief, remove it, and replace with an empowering belief!

1) You are an observer, or just an innocent bystander. Buuut, according to quantum physics, observation affects the outcome! So instead of letting life happen to you, replace with this: You CREATE your reality with the power of your thoughts and intentions!

2) You are just an individual life, here for a short time. Not even! Our atoms were created in a process – a cycle of living and dying generations of stars, building upon the generations of the past over BILLIONS of years. Simply put, we are stardust. In a more accurate way, we are the afterlife of stars!

3) We are separate. Separate from eachother. Separate from God. Oh nooo! Why do we believe in separateness? Again with quantum physics, all things in this universe are entangled. Everything affects everything else. This is because everything is not only connected, everything is one! Our universe is a singularity. The Big Bang is a physical expression of this oneness! You are ONE with the universe and all of our parallels!

4) Heaven is a place we go after dying. Wait, didn’t we just learn that we are already an afterlife of stars? Well, doesn’t that mean heaven is right here, right now? Bingo! Guess what else? All of the ancients, even Jesus himself, taught this! It was their gift to give us. And when we wake up, just like on Christmas morning, we get to unwrap this gift! Heaven is where you ARE!

5) We are physical beings. Well, we can back this with every PHYSICAL law can’t we? But when we look into the process, what does it mean to be physical? As Einstein found, everything physical can be converted to energy and vice versa. So even though we interact in this physical realm, we are energy! Even the universe itself is thought to be one simple, underlying energy. This energy creates physical components, forces, and even the laws of physics! What could it possibly be? You’re going to LOVE this next one!

6) Love is something we do or something we feel. In language studies, a powerful technique is known as nominalization – to take a noun from a verb. It empowers the word. So I leave you with this: You ARE love! The universe is love! How does this make you feel?

These are just the beginning. Once you start believing in yourself, you deprogram everything history and society has done to hold you back. You transcend the physical realm and live a life of unconditional love for all! This is why I serve. This is my path to bring this knowledge once again in a modern context. This is my gift for your awakening.


Thank you for reading. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for being YOU!


The universe is full of light
we cannot see with our perception
until we learn to see
beyond the deception

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