Smoking Gun Evidence for the Omniverse Found

Life never ceases to amaze me. This gem was hiding in plain sight. A new study claimed to have found evidence of a multiverse. But it is actually much, much more! And this lesson is something we can all apply in everyday life. Because the answers are already there. The question is, are you open to receiving the answers as you become increasingly aware, knowing that they’re available to you every single brand new moment? Awww yea…

All it takes is a new perspective. 
That’s what the Omniverse is–it’s the big picture of our universe and beyond. The model manifested from possibilities of infinity, explaining what happened before the Big Bang, how expansion works, and even ancient knowledge of our origins. 

In my book Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse, The model was proposed using existing science of the universe and looking further. One of the topics in the background research was the cosmic background radiation–the earliest light from the universe shortly after the Big Bang. Using space telescopes scientists analyzed this background and determined the universe to be uniform as predicted, with only slight temperature anomalies. Wherever there was more energy, that’s where galaxies started to form. 

But there was one anomaly they couldn’t explain. 

There’s a giant cold spot in the early universe. Today this large area is mainly a void with far less galaxies than elsewhere in the universe. Scientists proposed that the cold spot might have been an area that collided with another universe–evidence for other universes. 

They’re still missing something huge. 
It’s not a collision with another universe. It’s proof of the Omniverse. You see, there’s a source. I’m pretty sure we all know that. But science doesn’t dare look beyond the Big Bang. Until now. The source is where our singularity comes from. The singularity is everything in the universe packed tightly into a point particle that’s the smallest measurable size. According to the Big Bang Theory, it wasn’t stable so it inflated to create our universe. I added that the singularity came from a source. 

The source is a white hole–the opposite of a black hole. Instead of pulling things in, it pushes them out. It is like a great white vagina in the sky giving birth to the tiny particle that our universe is made from. Once this particle makes its way out to the event horizon, the point where it can no longer return, the Big Bang happens and everything in our universe is projected from the surface. That’s why it’s called Maya (the illusion). It’s a holographic projection. It’s not an illusion to trick you–it’s an illusion to set you free! 

When we crossed that barrier of the event horizon we were still connected like having an umbilical cord attached. After birth, having emerged from the womb, we were left with a belly button–a lasting image of the connection to our mother. God’s mother. The source. That’s what we’re observing right now! That’s the cold spot observed in the cosmic background radiation. 

The singularity in the womb was stable. Once we emerged, then the unstable singularity we know and love is true. And at the time of emergence, our universe went from a higher energy state to a lower resting energy. Just like how the Higgs boson gives particles mass, this mechanism gives the universe space-time dimensions. And this energy exchange that transmuted into the Big Bang left a lasting impression as it crashed through its barrier. Just like a baseball breaking through a window, it left a hole. 

That hole is the portal to everything beyond what was previously unimaginable. 

So break through your barriers. Time and space are here for you to create your life as you wish, right here and now. And at any time you can emerge from anything holding you back. That’s all part of the illusion meant for you to overcome as you transmute the energy of your life into your higher awareness. 

The universe wants you to succeed. The Omniverse makes that happen. It’s real. All of it. It is for you because the universe favors life. The universe is life. There’s more to the universe than what we’ve been taught. This is a new beginning! You are entering new realms of consciousness as you tap further and further into the wealth and abundance of answers available to you right here and now. That’s the real beauty of it all! 


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