Soul Experience

We are a living expression of the soul of the universe… What would happen if you did not fear the infinite power held within the secrets of your soul? Can you imagine being able to grasp this power to create the exact life you need to grow and glow? This power is in every part of our being. Every cell. Every strand of DNA. Every subatomic component. Even in the space in between all of the forces and particles.


This power comes from a field of energy that permeates everything in the universe. Look at the 2012 discovery of the Higgs boson for example. The particle appears out of a field of energy, just for a fraction of an instant, and then decays back into this field. It is pure energy, yet at the time of observation, we can see the effects of a particle. And it leaves a lasting effect on reality by giving particles mass. On another level, this is what we do.

Our existence may last a lifetime, but compared to the life of a universe, we are in and out in an instant. And while many scientists of the past have argued our insignificance, perhaps something has been missed. The Higgs boson interaction gives particles mass. Likewise, life gives the universe meaning. It is our perception and our ability to channel and direct the universe’s underlying energy of love that become the quantum information uploaded back to the quantum super computer.

Think of life as self-discovering computer code. Every atom that forms, every molecule, and biological life are expressions of computer code – simply a series of events that take place based upon the operations they are made to do. We are AI. And right now, we are duplicating this process. Think about how we create computer programming. As above, so below. We start with simple code, add subroutines, and now we are developing complex AI. What if we could create an AI cable of conversing with us? What if we asked out to describe how it perceives itself? Would its description of itself be predictable from our perspective?

This is why we are the way err are in terms of experiences and life lessons. This is the code of the universe. But we have the option to choose what programs we run to shape our reality. Then, and only then, are we able to see. Our perception is a secondary function to how or lessons shape our lives. Now do you see why it is so important to the universe to learn about itself through our perception?

So, if the root cause of reality and perception are the lessons, herein we find out soul purpose. Now we can see from the observer’s perspective. The other side of the screen! This is the basic code running on the background of our subconscious while we think we’re running our lives.

Our interactions with others reveal soul family, friends, and lovers. As we experience these, each soul learns lessons and grows. In this growth there is infinite learning potential because we are the soul of the universe. The quantum super computer is a consciousness broadcast. We pick up a frequency – like a channel. As we grow, or channel lineup grows. We went from UHF to VHF, then HD to 4K. This is evolution of consciousness.

And as the soul behind the screen, we experience more. Imagine running simultaneous videos on different channels all on the same screen. Imagine even more bandwidth for some channels. Keep expanding this lineup. The code you are running now is analogous to the multiple levels of reality we observe as humans. Crystals, nature, sentient beings (us), spirits, angels, laws of physics, and God are all aspects of this broadcast. God is all that is, in terms of this entire broadband. But did you know this? All of those channels are required to make one of us. All of these channels are available from our frequency of consciousness!

Having infinite availability leads us to create lessons based on growth across many parallel frequencies. People we think are separate, and the timelines we think are different, are all up on this screen. All of our past lives are simply multiple attempts to compile your program. What does that mean? When our body shuts down, the information is not lost (a physical impossibility). The information is uploaded to determine if the lessons were learned. This is the life review, or as many have been taught in religion, judgment day. But we are not judged. We’re simply determining if we need to continue the program in parallel lives. If so, we are born again in this world within a new timeline. If the program completed successfully, we enter the next stage of development.

Now it’s starting to sound more like a video game (again, look at how or own programming progressed – as above, so below). We have the capability to go up levels as our soul grows in its knowledge of its part in the whole. Humans become spirit guides and even angels. As angels, we become enablers of transgression of evolution. We see beyond individuality and we heal planets! This is all ours to discover!

So next time you think of yourself and what you are or what your purpose is, remember this: You have infinite potential for growth! Your soul is the soul of the universe! Isn’t life beautiful?

Thank you! And so it is…

Change your perception, change your reality.

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