Soul Healing with Epigenetics

This is the here and now. The day and age where modern, cutting-edge science is finally catching up to ancient wisdom taught through spiritual practices. It is a great time to be alive, and maybe that’s why we are all here right now! Today I am going to share an ‘ah-ha’ moment that I had. It goes so deep into the subconscious that it is literally encoded in my soul.

After having some things mirrored to me, like being accused by angry people of being angry, when I’m calm and collected, I realized something in myself. Sure, they took their frustration out on me and then turned it around blaming me. But I owned it! Let them think that. Because for me, there is a deep lesson within. And that lesson could only have been realized by acknowledging their feelings and owning it. And this is why I am thankful even for the most negative people in my life. I realized that that energy is coming from me, even if I am not acting out on it. Even when I am calm and everything is smooth-going, people are feeling this energy from me. Then they mirror it back to me in reactions. Mental note – act, don’t react. By doing so, I saw their anger. By owning it, I realized my part was buried deep in my subconscious.

In Vianna Stibal’s Theta Healing, she describes levels of subconscious programs that can occur on many levels, like family and even parallel (past) lives. I realized I was carrying my father’s bad energy is a subconscious family-level programmed memory. He probably was carrying this too from previous generations. This changes my whole perspective! When people react to it, they mirror it back to me from their anger, creating a negative feedback loop. Houston, we have a problem! Because if I react in any way, at feeds into this feedback loop, sucking all of my good energy away! And I have been wondering for years why I have such low energy. Step one is identifying the problem, and step 2 is finding a way to get rid of it. This is where Theta Healing can help to remove these programs, thus ending the negative feedback loop!

But did you know Theta Healing is actually based on sound science? It uses the theta brainwave state to enter into your subconscious, remove negative programs, and replace with positive programs. Vianna Stibal did this work intuitively, and science is catching up. She said that the soul is a layer that surrounds our very chromosomes within the body. Well, now we have that! The recent discovery of the epigenome is that! Epigenetics is a study of methylation of the DNA, which involved methyl molecules that can alter the expression of your genes. They can literally program you by switching specific parts of your DNA code on or off! And they work across several generations, triggered by any kind of emotional or environmental stressors.

If only there were a way to control this methylation process so we can switch off the negative programs carried through generations. There is! This process is simply the physical manifestation of the theta-state removal of negative programs. And not only are you altering your gene expression for the better, you also create new neural pathways through another recently discovered process known as neuroplasticity. Just a few years ago, it was though that your DNA controlled everything and neural pathways are set for life, never to change. Thankfully, science is self-correcting and these past assumptions have been proven wrong. So now, thanks to modern science, we can literally heal ourselves and our very souls, using advanced brainwaves and the power of positivity.

The real moral here is that we live in an illusion of duality – right and wrong, black and white, positive and negative, etc. But anything negative is really just the flip side of our natural state – just positive! By transmuting the negative programs, we are healing our soul and evolving our consciousness. We are coming back to our ground state like when we were children. Life is really so simple and beautiful! So don’t react to negativity – look for the lessons within. Own them. You CAN heal yourself!

Thanks for reading and sharing! Everything we know about ourselves is about to change.



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