Have you ever wondered what it would be like if we could see, not with or eyes, but with our hearts and minds into the souls of one another? How different would everything be? Would we treat each other better? Yes! This is all possible right here and right now by embracing this technique.


This process will guide you to be able to see someone's soul. It's automatic. It's something you are already doing but might now be aware of yet. And once awakened, your senses will come alive to new levels. You will notice things that I'm not even talking about here. We each perceive things our own way, so your senses are just as unique as you!

First, all you have to do is this: look into one other's eyes. Eyes are the window to the soul. Eyegazing is amazingly powerful and easy way. And tests have shown that prolonged eyegazing leads to experiencing deep profound love for the other person-even amongst perfect strangers. Love is your very essence. So you are experiencing the soul through the pure underlying love of all that is. It's wonderful feeling that too isn't it?

Listen. Our mouths may move, but the soul will talk when you're ready to listen. And whenever that is will be the perfect time for you. This an alignment tool that shows you if a person's words are also reflected in their actions. When you do what you say, you are in alignment. So it's honesty in action. You'll be able to recognize those in alignment like you right away. This also makes an excellent bullshit detector. Jus sayin.

Ready to go deep within? You can really experience the soul all over within yourself and others. Our generic switching mechanisms that affect gene expression are another window to the soul. In epigenetics, scientists study the gene expression by means of methyl molecules that selectively turn genes on and off. These molecules know exactly what to do for your evolution. They respond to your environment. More precisely, the energy of your environment. We know that we're all energy beings in science now. Know a person's energy and know his or her soul. Know their environment, know their evolution.

Music. Your soul sings your mantra. Underneath everything in you, your actions, your words, thoughts, and feelings, there are the most delicious notes that are completely unique to you. When you release into the beat and melody of the song, and just dance, your soul is aflame with your passion. Just let yourself go. Your soul comes through naturally. Beautifully. Wonderfully. The universe is full of the songs we sing through the physical tapestry portraying the art of life. It's just amazing. You are a beautiful soul.

Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.

You are the universe expressed exponentially throughout every grain of your existence.

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