Spiritual Dynamite

What if you could just blow the doors of perception off the hinges, allowing all of your senses to enliven so much so that you step right into the badass spiritual being who you really are? After all, it is you that's waiting to become you! And over here the surface mind thinks that there's blocks put in place to help you. Guess who put em there. You did! 



I'll tell you there's a trick. Yes, you did choose your lessons for your evolution. Part of those lessons meant you will learn about yourself in new ways. That's exactly why you're here right now! Here's the secret: You're an eternal multidimensional being existing everywhere all the time, creating parallel lives with all that juicy karma you need to grow. You ARE this energy! You don't have to think about growing into this because it IS you. 

This knowledge is your spiritual dynamite! 

The doors don't exist. They are your illusion. The blocks don't exist. You've used them to create imaginary walls in this life though. Kept the surface mind busy, didn't it? You know why? To distract the ego while your subconscious learns about your true nature. In doing so, your surface mind wires your brain's neural networking using blocks to build a template. Meanwhile, the subconscious waits until the surface mind is ready to piece the past together in new ways that heal and allow for your growth. You don't change the past. You change your reaction to it! This creates all new neural pathways in the brain that free your spirit. 

This process is like boring a hole into your walls, like miners do to look for ore. Once the hole is filed, the dynamite is placed inside. And when it goes, that's your breakthrough happening. That's your ah-ha moment! And like that, BOOM, your thinking changes. You change. People around you don't know what changed, but they sure know something did. Your vibration did. Your perception did. 

Like the walls of rock, your perception opened up to reveal the diamonds beneath. All made possible by the infinite nature of YOU. You aren't the snapshot in time you see today. You are the entire process. From beginning to end. From a singularity going Big Bang to a wise old universe expanding with your perception right now. 

And here's a bonus: Stars went through the same process with their growth. You are proof! What was once thought to be the end of a star, its explosion seeded the galaxy with the elements that YOU are made of! The stars' breakthroughs are your physical building blocks. And your breakthroughs are Heaven's building blocks!

So I invite you in this brand new moment to give yourself a break. You are learning your lessons in ways that you've learned how to do. That just means you're ready for a breakthrough. All you have to do is be pen to experiencing new points of view. To be able to float above experiences without the personal attachment. And to unconditionally love the people in your life that deliver your lessons, especially yourself. You got this! 



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