Spiritual Glitter

What if you had magic fairy dust that could change everything in your life and around you? Glitter that sparkles with life as you simply blow it into the air, spreading, peace, love, and joy. Wouldn't you just sprinkle that shit everywhere? Well you can. And you'll be guided through a process to do just that...


Everyone has the power to spread love. Everyone has the ability to find peace. And everyone has joy and happiness in their natural default state. Just ask a baby! All of this happens within when you let go of external ideals, attachments, and expectations. And when you do so, you'll wonder why you were holding onto that shit in the first place. For about a split second. Because it won't matter anymore when you bring the reality of your dreams into the now.

It all starts within... This is where your journey begins. You will experience subtle levels of consciousness and even superconsciousness all from within. Imagine seeing yourself in the mirror. Now what if the mirror could magnify your reflection so much so that it illuminates every cell of your being as you look closer and closer, increasing the magnification? Imagine seeing beyond your skin, into the organs all working together to let life flow through you. Envision the cells inside each organ, all working together for the whole. Go into the cell and see all of the little protein molecules carrying on life. Increase the magnification even further as you magnify the tiniest atoms inside the molecules. Keep going into the nucleus. Imagine the subatomic particles inside the nucleus and go inside them. See the smallest particles dancing around inside of a single proton. See beyond its physical shell. Increase the magnification further and go deep into the underlying quark to see its very core—vibrating energy.

As you observe this vibrating energy, it becomes happier. Like a child playing when it knows it's being watched, it lights up with joy and excitement. Notice how it vibrates at higher and higher frequencies, spinning faster and faster as it does its little happy dance! Watch how its frequency keeps increasing as it spins faster, literally throwing off anything trying to weigh it down. Anything stuck just flies away as the higher vibration becomes aligned, spinning faster and shining brighter. And as its brightness and vividness come to a peak, notice how it attracts other dancing energies on this same high vibration. See it build particles, atoms, molecules, and cells.

Allow these vibrations to come back together into a whole new energetic you, completely illuminated. Now put yourself up on a screen so you can watch and admire this energy that is you, being effortlessly incorporated throughout every grain of your existence and every cell of your being. 

Now as you're observing your energetic self up on this screen, notice how you can sit back and just watch it. Your consciousness is in your control room, where you can watch your screen any time you wish. And in this control room, it is just full of screens, each one with a version of you from another time, and even other universes. These past, present, and future screens are everywhere in your control room, all accessible right here and now. These are your parallel lives, and everything happening in the now has an affect on the lessons being carried forward in each and every parallel life of yours. And you are at the center of it all. 

As you're relaxing and sitting back in your control center, notice within your reach, a container or containers of sparkling glitter. These can be any color you choose, and whatever that is will be perfect for you as you speak your colors into the now. And imagine these sparkling colorful jars of glitter representing an archetype or a state you'd like to access in your parralel lives as they become even more aligned with the intent of your blessings. Is it love? Is it peace? Speak these states into the now, as your glitter represents exactly what it is you are manifesting.


As soon as you're ready, take some of your sparkling glitter and place it in your hands. At the exact moment that's perfect for you you are going to blow this magical pixie dust all over the control room as it is effortlessly absorbed into each and every screen. Sprinkle a little. Sprinkle a lot. Sprinkle that shit everywhere! Each and every parallel you is absorbing the exact same qualities you're bringing forth into the reality of right now. Every parallel life is perfectly aligned with the states you create and the lessons of your ever-forward moving karma. Go ahead, blow some more! Let it flow!

And now, all you have to do is simply allow your consciousness to float back into the screen with you in this present moment. And your consciousness automatically knows exactly where to go. Just float in. Picture the body of energy on the screen becoming colored with your skin tone. Feel the warmth of your own body temperature. Hear the funny sounds you make. Envision becoming even more colorful, warm, and cuddly. Allow all of your flowing life force to penetrate throughout every cell of your existence at this highest frequency with the states you created as you're surrounded by the magical sparkling glitter in the now. Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.



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