Spiritual Voids to Avoid Part 2

I hope people don’t have to learn the way I did. I even thought I covered everything in the first part of this blog. But some things are hidden or take the form of another. This information is for the highest and best good of humanity, the universe, and everything I love in it (that means you)! Now it’s time to expose the harsh truth about those who are in the spiritual business to take advantage of others. It’s time to clear the energy!

This post is about tricksters and emotional shape-shifters. A trickster is typically known as a spiritual form that pretends to be something else that you know. Remember what I said last time – true messages only come from the pure divine within the self. But when psychics and mediums communicate messages they receive, they are clouding the message with their own perception. This is unavoidable because it is in our human nature. The only way to rectify this perception misconception is to keep your intentions purely for the best and highest good. When you do, your bullshit detector will be working overtime, and your intuition – your gut feeling – can tell you when something doesn’t feel right.

If you are learning to receive messages, the intent of this is not to dwell on the negative or to scare you, but it is important to keep your intentions pure and be in unconditional love. This isn’t hard to do. You simply appreciate things – even the lessons. And the lesson can be that people are deceptive sometimes. Even the ones we love. A trickster can take positive messages, and using their own perception with less than the best intentions, change it in such a way to affect the outcome. In the ancient texts, there are tricksters in the angelic realm, who take on the identity of other angels in order to deceive the living. These are known as gin, or genies. In the realm of the human mind, this is a level of consciousness and a representation of how our consciousness is biased by perception. Simply, the mind can play tricks on you.

Another pitfall comes from attachments. In our universe, everything is connected by an invisible thread. This is quantum entanglement. What it means to us is that these threads are built up as we live our lives and interact with others. Most are not in control of this process. Is it invisible to the human eye and takes place on a level of consciousness higher than the realms of angels and archangels. This is the laws of physics, and yes, it is built into your consciousness. On the non-physical level, our consciousness exists as thought which then attracts to create form. It uses physics as the blueprint for the physical form of atoms that attract to form complex molecules and life forms like us. Just like how our body uses DNA as a blueprint! And like DNA, there is a component of control. DNA has epigenetics. Physics has one underlying energy. We create our universe with our thoughts. And these thoughts create attachments – part physical attraction and part interaction.


Attachments of love are strong and pure. Like chemical bonds held together with energy. But a shape shifter can create attachments at will. They can copy your own imprint on your surroundings. This might attract that which you attract. I lost the love of my life – my twin flame – to one. Over a year later, I realized I might have been scanned and copied in order to make the switch. She was made to believe that I was 98% twin flame. But the other 2% were her own emotional blocks. She was then made to think that if she stayed with me, she would die. She is now with this medium who told her this. In doing so, the business she and I created is now under his control. And this lesson I learned gets even weirder. I thought maybe I was copied, so I sent out the intention of taking my identity back. I thought of a beacon of white light that brought back pieces that were taken from me. And I knew things would be changing. They did change.

I witnessed the identiity of another’s meetup group page get stolen and taken over. This is somebody’s business! I cannot look into their intentions, but they had claimed that an archangel had guided them to do so in a message sent to all of the business clientele. Herein are two of the most powerful lessons to learn: 1) In the realm of higher consciousness, psychic abilities can be taken away from us if we don’t use them for the highest and best good; and 2) messages from angels and archangels are coming from your higher consciousness and never tell you to do anything. They can guide you on a path to becoming your true self – more loving and compassionate. But they will not tell you to do harm unto others. On the other hand, the mind of a schizophrenic may do that. If you find yourself hearing messages that you know are not for your highest and best good, seek help. Innocent people can end up being hurt. Please remember that your essence – the true you – is the universe itself. You are pure love. You are enough! And we are all in this together. Stand tall with integrity and hold intentions for the highest and best good. Use sheilding techniques to prevent negativity from influencing your thoughts and actions. This is the path to transcending duality, and you will soon find that negativity was part of the illusion. You will overcome the trick!

Thank you for reading. Remember, it helps to acknowledge your hurt. Become vulnerable. In this process, we transcend the negative as we dissolve in the pure universal underlying energy of love. It’s all good!



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