Spiritual Voids to Avoid

This information is for the highest and best good of humanity, or planet, or energy, our universe – in other words, you. I am streaming this information as a way to cleanse negativity from a positive movement – spirituality. I’ve already turned science upside-down with my book, Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse, and it’s time to blow the doors open on the spiritual side as well. I am doing this simply because there are those spreading misinformation and/or taking advantage of honest, loving people. I am bringing you signs to look out for to keep people from preying on your fears or insecurities. Learn to blast them away!


We must be true to ourselves and acknowledge that we do experience positive and negative emotions. But we must honor the negative emotions rather than ignore them. They are part of the energetic cycle that is what we are. So first, there is a misconception about ignoring the negative to see the positive. No! Acknowledge the whole. Anything ignored will come up again and again until you learn your lessons. By acknowledging the whole, you become true to yourself, and you start seeing beyond duality. Beyond the realm of positive and negative. This is the key to oneness.

Beware those that make you pay for protection. What is this, spiritual mafia? Some want you to acquire blessed possessions for protection from harsh energies. Possessions are illusion. The only protection you need is within. And it can be gained by honoring that which you are afraid of. Transcend the fear, and it becomes love!

There can be other signs of fear mongering. Some warn of energies you pick up that need to be cleansed. I have heard of people telling others that they can pick up spiritually transmitted diseases. Seriously, WTF? Yes, you can pick up energies, but this is for your divine purpose – your lessons. And you can shed them just as easily as you pick them up. You are not diseased by picking up someone’s energy – you are gifted. Again, transcend the fear. There’s other paranoid spiritual types I’ve observed, scaring us into thinking something’s wrong. We are all observing here, and even if we have alien or spiritual ‘walk-ins’ in our bodies, it is for us to observe and learn. Transcend the illusion of separation! We are all one, even with many identities.

Next, and this is a big one, perception is a bitch! When a person calls him our herself a psychic or a medium, or even a coach and gives readings, these readings are clouded by that person’s perception. Even a clear channel from another entity must go through the channeler’s mind and physical nervous system. Everything is translated. The reader’s emotions, experiences, and opinions can come through even when they are unaware. Or worse, the may have some intent of coloring a message a certain way for their gain.

True messages come from one source – the self – which is 100% divinity (and so much more). Information is filtered in our higher conscious states before being filtered down further, and then translated into language. You may only get visual messages because your consciousness is aware of this process. If not, it appears as messages from angels, archangel, ascended masters, or other spirits. Our perception is the illusion which must be transcended.

Let’s not forget that many people put forth beliefs we may mistakenly hold for truth. Simple sayings like the best has yet to come actually take you away from the present moment into a feeling of lack. The best in in you right here and now! Feel it and be thankful for it! Manifestation is not about desire. But suffering is! Choose wisely. I have also heard that you have to hit rock bottom to gain insight or enlightenment. Um NO! Just because some have recovered from rock bottom doors NOT mean that you have to experience it. Say it with me. I have everything I need for love and abundance to flow through me right here and now. Feel it. Give gratitude for what is within you already!

And speaking of love, here’s one that I experienced the bad side of. Just because your relationship is not perfect does not mean you need to abandon it. Accept that there are differences of opinion. Different priorities. Different ways to say I love you! Don’t buy into those giving readings telling you to leave someone. This is somebody’s opinion coming into their reading. And don’t listen to people that promise to find your soul mates and twin flame. These people are meant to cross your path and will in divine timing. Trust the love within yourself. Don’t bet on it happening in the future, acknowledge that it is within you!

When it comes to past lives, why must we live in the past? In the present, all possibilities of time exist, and past and future lives are really parallel lives. Like parallel universes! You are really one life divine. You don’t need to dissect your other lives. Your karma is the positive energy that bridges these to one common path. And there is no bad karma. You aren’t going to experience a furore life of suffering because of a negative thought you are having. You experience what you manifest to keep moving forward towards your goal for your highest and best good. It’s that simple!

There’s a lot of really helpful spiritual teachers out there that teach you the methods to hear your guides and angels. There are some that just want to profit. Know the difference by trusting your intuition. This is your spirit – your divine self –  speaking to you through your gut. Remember your messages come through from the divine and your perception gives the faces and words. This is true of all humans. We do not need to abolish our egos. Everything is perfect the way it is. Trust your intuition, honor your emotions, and accept that love and abundance are within you right here, right now. Now go enjoy life! Thank you so much. I appreciate you reading my posts. So much more to come…


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