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Have you ever wondered what else is our there in the universe? What else is in store for us? Are we more than flesh and bone? Is beauty only skin deep? For thousands of years, humanity has been exploring the nature of ourselves. We are self aware. We have consciousness. However, we have massive amounts of social conditioning that may in fact, take us away from consciousness, our very nature!

The funny thing is, we confuse identity with consciousness by subscribing to theories that self awareness is consciousness. Or that consciousness is generated within our brains. We confuse destiny with free will. We place or timeline and physical limitations on or own consciousness. Be prepared. You are about to transcend that.

Let’s first look at the conscious mind. Just the fact of how it is named suggests a limited perception of our true capabilities. But that’s ok. First, we must understand what it means. This is part of the illusion we must overcome on our path to enlightenment. You see, the conscious mind is self awareness. In that sense, it is our identity. For example, consider if I were to see myself as different from you. My thought process would seem to be different from yours. But are they?

Let’s go deeper… the subconscious is the key to self exploration. While once thought to be in control, we know now that the conscious mind only controls about 5% of our daily decisions and activities. The rest simply follow programming of the subconscious mind. In this realm, we are literally code. This code is programmed from childhood, from genetics, and even from parallel (aka past) lives.

The subconscious is more in tune with the universe. Things that we perceive, like duality (positives and negatives) are not perceived in the subconscious. This is why you will think of a red cardinal in your mind eye just by invoking the name. Even if I say not to think of a cardinal. Transcending duality is a natural step on our journey. It is necessary to understand that or programming – all of it – is for our highest and best good. Herein, we find our lessons for our personal growth. Everything the conscious mind perceives as drama are merely gifts of lessons to facilitate each of our journeys.

In that sense, the subconscious is the gateway. To what you ask? To the universe. To consciousness. That’s right, what I’m saying goes against all conventional logic we’ve allowed ourselves to be programmed with… What if consciousness is not generated from the brain?

What is the brain? Isn’t it a control center of all of our perception? Isn’t it possible that what we thought was our consciousness is simply the perception of consciousness? When we see with our eyes, we are sensing the light bouncing off of things and putting the image together inside our heads! In that light, is it possible that consciousness is simply one of our higher senses?

Like where this is going yet? It gets even better! Think of a field, like a magnetic field that we can pull electricity from, or the Higgs field that particles interact with to gain mass. What if our higher perception is this interaction and what we are getting is something out of this field? We are! And that’s not even the spoiler (yet)…

Think of how the little Higgs boson comes into existence for just a fraction of time. It leaves a lasting impression on a particle. Likewise, when we come into existence for just a fraction of time, we leave a lasting impression on the universe: our perception. We are the universe experiencing itself! And this universe – it is this field of consciousness. Our perception of consciousness gives our body meaning and purpose. Just like the Higgs boson giving mass to a particle. And in this light, we find that the universal consciousness is our true consciousness.

Our perception is our self awareness. This becomes how we have defined or own consciousness, yet what we are capable of perceiving is simply our own frequency that we pick up from the entire spectrum. Each of us has our own channel, which is exactly why first we think we are separate, and second, we find out that we are one. And I will tell something: you just witnessed yourself widening the frequency you are tuning to. In this lifetime, we have gone from UHF to VHF, and then HD. Now you’re upgrading your equipment to 4K.


But this isn’t the end of your journey. Right now you just have better tools to watch your life with. Here comes the spoiler: There are multiple levels of consciousness! MULTIPLE! Think in terms of oneness with this consciousness. Now look at something – a rock. It is crystal consciousness. A tree – nature consciousness. Ever had Angel readings, or even get messages or visions yourself? Are you aligned with the higher self? These are higher levels YOUR consciousness!

Look deeper… do you see that there is space between the molecules of everything we can see? Space inside the atoms, even in between quarks? This space, just like the outer space we observe through telescopes is our connection to all that is… It is the canvas in which we draw reality upon. And our tools are the very laws of physics. This is our higher consciousness! We are creators! And the grandest illusion of all (if we still think s/he is separate) of God looking down upon us, well… oneness! That’s YOU observing yourself from the space of unconditional love. Yes, that is our consciousness.

You’ll never look at a rock or a tree the same. The same can also be said of yourself. Go look in the mirror. Stare into your pupils and see the space within. Now look at someone else’s. Is it not the same space? Do you feel it? You are on the right path!

If you are interested in mastery of your conscious abilities to transform your life, your love, your career, or anything you desire, you will find me in my workshop to unlock your highest potential. These levels of consciousness are there for us to use for the highest and best good. And with me, you will learn how to use the tools within and create this new reality!

Stay tuned (pun intended) for workshop announcements here on WordPress, the Facebook Omniverse page, or GrandSlamTheory.com. Thank you for reading and sharing!

Everything we think we know about the universe is changing.

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