We think stars make light. But they make much more. They assemble the atoms that planets and biological beings are made of and enrich them with light and electromagnetic energy. They hold the entire planetary system in the perfect orbit for each planet with their immense gravity. And they have a lot of wisdom to share.



We think life is biological. It is, but it's much much more. Life shares more than atoms with a host star. Physical life forms like us have special abilities to perceive, and our perceptions help the universe learn about itself through us. Life can go beyond the physical realm transcending time and space, which are deeply ingrained in our understanding. Everything is life. Everything odd beautiful! Everything has cycles. When we see this, we communicate with the rest of the universe.

Life downloads consciousness from the universe and the stars. Life on Earth downloads physical upgrades to the epigenome, and no matter how advanced the life form is, it's DNA can be alerted in such a way for life to evolve. This is simply a function of consciousness at work. We are integrated as one--intimately entangled. Consciousness is the energy of this connection. It just flows.

We think the universe is cold and dark. But we find it is full of energies and new particles as we continually lift the veil, revealing the true beauty within. The universe even has underlying energy that transcends electromagnetism, gravity, and the weak and strong nuclear forces. It transcends the very nature of duality--positives and negatives. Even time itself is experienced by the universe as a whole, that is to say, all time exists all the time. All possibilities exist.

Where do we fit in? Are we the star? Yes. Are we biological? Yes. Are we consciousness? Oh yea! We're the process of energy flowing--exactly what consciousness is. Exactly what the universe is! We are a singularity (an infinity) with energy flowing to create time and space, which become the fabric of reality as we know it. Energy flows on this tapestry of space-time and manifests itself as particles and forces, transmuting energy into matter. Energy flows through the matter to transmute even more energy in the form of stars and biological life.

And as humans, our energy flows as well. We make light. Yes, as our DNA replicates itself, it actually releases photons. But we have more in store for moving energy! And knowing this is the key to understanding or existence as energy beings... The key that unlocks infinite knowledge is something we already know, helping us remember who we are. Because we are energy beings powerful enough to manifest physicality out of energy and evolve into the beings that we are right here right now.

Beyond the physical manifestation of energy that makes atoms possible, we are conduits of the universe's underlying energy. We know this as love. We feel it. We process it. We filter it. We act like a prism splitting white light. Our bodies have energy centers where manifesting moving energy keeps the energy centers active. These energies are manifested as a full range of emotions, a nonphysical extension of our self-awareness. It is only when we hold onto things that we experience the negatives. So let it flow!

There's a powerfully positive lesson in this. When we honor the energy flow, we are the process. Not physical. Just energy moving. Honor the process. We clear our energy centers corresponding to the emotions we process, allowing universal underlying love to fill us. And this gives everything meaning! We observe ourselves living. And that observation affects the outcome, as we constantly choose between infinite possibilities. We experience the consciousness of all that is, altering the very way that the laws of physics apply. We make the universe personal!

By loving ourselves wholly and completely, we honor the process, cycling the underlying energy of the universe. This is consciousness with a purpose. And it is the key to how we evolve. In the past, species that collaborated were the ones that thrived and adapted. Note we know the key to evolution, as we continually collaborate with the universe for our highest intent of loving ourselves, nature, and the universe.

Let's ask ourselves how we can direct our evolution as we become integrated in the higher realms of consciousness and transcend time, joining our energetic brothers and sisters. But until then have fun and love one another! We can make this experience the best ever and have fun and ecstasy doing it! Who's with me?



Love the universe you're in



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