Supreme Influence for Life

When we all come together, we find a place for peace and understanding. And when you set forth on your own journey within, as unique to each of us as you are to this world, you find that place within your heart.

Supreme Influence is your communication from your own place of peace and understanding. It is a bridge with which to communicate clearly with people of all walks of life, in any environment. We all come together with different goals, intentions, and aspirations. In this coming together of like-minded beautiful souls, you will also find resources among us all. In the same room, one person may be looking for something that's exactly what another person has to offer! The possibilities are endless. And with faith the size of a mustard seed, together we can move mountains!


And now in this brand new moment, as you bring the furore unto the now and embrace your newly incorporated wisdom, notice how you can see these teachings effortlessly integrating into every facet of your life in the present moment. Knowing that right now is a brand new moment, notice how you can expand your awareness to those around you at home or at work, creating a better understanding. How can you show up for them in Beyer ways? And just how important is it to be able to have this ability so much more so that you can now reach even more people than ever before? In the light of recent events around the world, take notice of how easily you can lovingly embrace the oneness of humanity as we generate stronger fields of love and coherence within and around us. We came together on purpose--you are here on purpose.

This is the effect of deep personal transformation that was experienced during Supreme Influence in Action, or SIIA. Every person at SIIA is now even more empowered on our own way with our own purpose. With devotion, I am here for you to guide each and every one of you through this process, ensuring that you receive the highest and best personal experience. This is the power of Supreme Influence and the teacher, Niurka. The true beauty is that we are all there consistently showing up to witness YOUR transformation throughout this process.

For example, we witnessed swishing away one person's food cravings for carb-rich products containing gluten in one very powerful transcendence for better health and longevity--instantly. When she was offered gluten-rich snacks later, everyone saw how effectively the process worked! And all of the tools from SIIA are available to you anytime you feel the need to revisit an exercise, after completing the workshop. And even better, you can witness how truly effective the processes are, as shown by Niurka. During the last event, one gentleman's disbelief was transcended instantly. And what was his disbelief? That transformation this quick was even possible! We all took notice of how his physiology shifted as he became aware of his own truth within. That's how powerful this work truly is!


Since attending my first SIIA just over a year ago, i started noticing changes in my life right away. Yes, there have been ups and downs. But with the tools learned, I am able to accept the gifts and learn my lessons. My life purpose is on track and heading forward with the momentum of a huge freight train! I have experienced changes in and around me, improving my life work, career, and relationships. With deep loving gratitude, I have found that devotional spirit within. My life is on purpose. Supreme Influence had crystallized this within me. And many others are embarking upon their journey in Supreme Influence. So I invite you to simply be open to witnessing the changes as they effortlessly integrate into every aspect of your being by taking the first step upon your own journey.

As you come together with like-minded individuals in this space of personal growth, you allow even more openness and the spirit of transformation everywhere you go along your journey. And now is the perfect time and place to express gratitude, as I am thankful for the help I received and even more grateful to help others like you. Thank you for being uniquely you and present in this moment. And now, knowing that this is a brand new moment, notice how easily you will always remember that you are exactly where you need to be at just the right time, and you are infinitely loved and supported. Always! And it feels good knowing that, doesn't it?


Authors note: I wrote this article after attending SIIA in November 2015. Everything here is absolutely true. My experiences have pulled me in the direction of crewing these events to facilitate your transformation. Hopefully I'll see you at SIIA 15, May 21-26 or the next One-Day Workshop on July 23, 2016. I've also been inspired by these to create my own line of workshops. Stay tuned...

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