Take a Chance

What if I told you the power of living to your highest and best potential is within you right here, right now? All you have to do is be open to the infinite possibilities of this crazy universe. Trust the process and the universe brings the answers. Your questions can be instantaneously answered! Give gratitude for the feeling of your questions being answered. Because once it is said, it is done. It’s that simple!

Yet I find myself struggling at times. It’s difficult to take that first step. I just gotta take a chance. The funny thing is… I write by thoughtstream. This is the universe sending me a message. And if you’re reading this, then you are meant to see it! You have to take chances in life. You have to take chances in love! We did not choose to come to this life to be sheltered. We came here with a purpose.

Each individual has his or her own purpose, but they all involve two things: how much love you give, and how much information you gain. I float in this infinite pool of knowledge as I give love everywhere. When there is not one to accept, then all shall be given love. Yes, that means you! But are you open to receiving?

Let me share a personal journey with you… I have lived a life of heartbreak. It’s all in the past. It does not affect my present! But what does is how my subconscious code was programmed. Every time I felt pain, I got stronger. But I knew it was to much for my own good. So I let myself feel vulnerability. I surrendered. I released and let go. I forgive them as well as myself every day.

But I identified a key program related to this. My subconscious is still trying to strengthen me. How so, you ask? Based on programming from childhood, it shelters to protect. I have such a hard time telling someone how I feel because I’m afraid of getting hurt. So my ego kicks in. Of course you know the sound of this voice, right? But the real kicker is, even if I’m not listening to the ego and my intentions are pure and aligned with our higher selves, I get afraid. And that very state of being afraid is what is causing me to feel the pain! This is why we have to take chances – because not doing it is what’s hurting us!

What if I could go back and reprogram how I respond to triggers in the present based on programs from the past? I’m so glad to be exactly where I am right now. This is transformation! Thank you everyone in my life right here, right now! And yes, that means you! Thanks for being the ultra-beautiful soul that you are. Thanks for taking this journey with me, living the lessons, and receiving my infinite love! It is done. It is done. It is done.



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  1. You are right: how we cope with life’s adversities is what makes us grow. Stronger, more tolerant, more able to love. Wise thoughts.

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