Taste Your Soul

There is space in you just as there is space around you. Everything in its natural state is empty. It gets filled with life and love. And all the shit you hold onto. But as you go deep within, you can effortlessly clean all that shit out. Effortlessly. Just imagine your cells hollow and empty, ready to be filled with the juicy flow of life. And with that, universal love.

Your skin is porous. Your organs hollow. Your body is designed to be hollow for food and water to flow. Your cells are designed to be hollow to allow space for proteins to carry on their thing. And for healthy cells, that's a lot! Neuron cells in your heart, brain, spine, and throughout the body are hollow and empty. They actually transmit information via shock waves. Just like how the ear converts pressure waves in air into energy. Hollow is a natural way of being. Empty is when you clean this space out...



There's something magical and miraculous happening inside you right now. All of the space you take up is the very fabric of reality. You bring together all of the tiniest of particles manifested from the energy conducted on this fabric of space that you are. All those particles combine to make atoms, molecules, and even cells. And somehow, all of this energy knows itself, identified with you. Every cell is imprinted with your unique identity, allowing them to communicate and work to keep you living whole and complete. Your cells know you. Your atoms know you. You constantly rebuild yourself throughout your entire life.

What is it that is the energy behind this physical phenomena? What kind of universal code is being run to make you out of this energy of all that is? I'll give you a hint: It's the same energy that spurs evolution. You see, an outside influence affects your cells and your DNA to pass on certain traits. In other words, your body responds to your environment. And there's the environment you see and feel. Then there's the environment you don't. You don't see all the energy holding together all of your atoms and molecules. And you don't see the space inside every part of your being. But it's there.

You are this energy.

You have a body. But you are more. You are the body of thought. Of love and emotion. The non-physical energy is manifest in these ways that you recognize. This is the environment you see, just as real as the physical landscape. You are life force. This is the environment you don't see. It's the kundalini. Chi. Prana. It's the good shit. Your soul is your connection to this divine limitless energy. The part you see works on a microscopic level, methylating your genome to give you the epigenetic growth and evolution. And the rest is still a mystery to science.



Science doesn't have all the answers yet, but science provides us with ways to experience things. Like mediation—the body's natural gateway to states of mind that perceive beyond the physical. Take the mouth for example. It's naturally hollow. That makes it a gateway. And through this gateway you move all of the nutrients you need to keep your cells happy.

The universe is information at it's most basic state. There must be a way for you to uptake this information—just the information you need, just as your body takes the nutrients it needs. And your body is hollow, filled with space. You are open. You are a receptacle. Your soul is like your mouth. It's giving you spritual nutrition! And as you grow, you become able to take more and more (just like me with food). This spiritual nutrition comes in many forms. Body, breath, mind, intellect, memory, ego, and self (I am). Layer by layer, you transcend these during mediation. This is how you experience the soul.

Imagine youself as energy, illuminating your energy centers. Notice how you can float out, seeing this body of energy in third person. See white light pulsing through all of the empty space within and around you. You can even give yourself a pyramid of power to amplify the energy. Make it brighter and more vivid. Make it crisper and clearer. Turn up the intensity! Now put this image up on a screen and next to it, a ringed planet. Allow the rings to all line up like a satellite dish hooked up to you. Yea, that's some killer wifi. Look into the center. Notice that it is hollow and empty. And entire universe of possibilities opens up inside it. And from here you can connect to your path, your purpose, your lessons and progressions. It's all available to you right now. Allow every bit of information you want to absorb to effortlessly integrate into all of the space in and around you as you bring your energatic body into the now. This is just the beginning of something really good.



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