That Time That Time Forgot

Time is very unique in this universe. Out of everything else, it's one of the only things that only goes one way. It constantly moves forward. And that's a good thing! Forward motion of the timescale drives your growth and the evolution of the universe and even life itself. This gives a sense of meaning in your life. You remember how things were before you learned important lessons. Before you moved on. And you look toward the future with vision so strong it pulls you forward. And through all of this, you remain present, focused on what's happening in the now.

There is a funny little glitch in how time works though. Ok, kind of a big one. Time requires you to perceive it. It's not really linear. It just appears that way to you. And this is based on deep programmed beliefs within very suble levels of consciousness. This is your quantum consciousness—the consciosuness of the tiniest scale particles in the universe. On this level, everything experiences decay. Just like how we age. This decay of subatomic particles is how we measure time. It's how the atomic clock works actually! So why does time need us to perceive it if everything experineces time?


1082022767Nothing actually experiences time. It's all part of your perception. In the quantum consciousness, all variations of a particle are present until the time at which it is observed. Your consciousness is literally making time happen by setting up a sequence of observations. Your belief is that time moves forward and so that is what you see. Until you don't.

Here's the coolest trick from quantum physics. Yea I know we all talk about the observer effect. It's pretty cool. This is so much better! Because all states of something exist, this can be applied to everything in the universe. Space: all variations exist. So to travel from one place to another, you literally take all possible paths throughout space. You travel the universe. Even the universe exists in multiple possibilities. You observe one but there are many. All parallels are variations of one. And our good friend time: all possibilities exist. This is the natural law of the universe. Just like how you perceive a path between the points you traveled between, your timeline is your path carved from infinite time. Eternity.

You live in eternal time. It's really that simple. You create your timeline in order to learn lessons, grow, and evolve. This action allows each lesson to be absorbed by your consciousness at just the right time. See how that works?

Now you're ready to take the next step. You can see time where you thought things were static. Like the recent discovery of crystals that move with time. 4-dimensional crystal structures are real. And you can apply this 4th dimensional approach to life. Your lifetime isn't static within the universe's timeline. All possibilities of your life exist. That means past, present, and future all comingle. You have many lives. As many as needed for your lessons. Your expanded perception now allows you to perceive these just as you are aware of the multiple possibilities of parallel universes. Your eternal consciousness is fully aware.

Now, if time were to be hacked how might you use this ability to evolve? Last time in Karma Hacking 201, you learned that the karma, or lesson plan, can be tweaked. That is a way of hacking time that works across infinite time. You know what else can be hacked? You. That's right, you! You have a biomolecular clock that can determine how long you'll live, regardless of how you live your life. It's a recently discovered epigenetic biomarker. Your DNA undergoes a process called methylation. It's basically all of the little light switches in your DNA being turned on or off at different times. The epigenome—those litle methyl molecules—isn't fixed like most DNA. It responds to environment. It is a key driver of evolution. You can change your entire life by changing your environment and be able to pass it down to your grandchildren. In other words, you can improve your longevity and in doing so, improve your children's and their children's longevity. Just by being more aware.

And now, here's something else they don't tell you about time. It is one of many dimensions of perception. You know 3 space dimensions and time. You actually know a lot more. Because you are experiencing everything the universe does, you inherently know every dimension in your higher levels of consciousness. You already know where this is going. Expansion is another dimension of time. The universe expands just as time moves forward. And now you know that all possibilities between here and there exist. This is your expansion of awareness. That is why the more your consciousness awakens, the more the universe expands. You are doing everything on purpose.

Thank you. It is done. It is done It is done.


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