What are we? We are a process of becoming. I am that I am. In other words, be light – light be. We are the power of becoming. Becoming existence. Becoming consciousness. Becoming evolution. Be still. This is your mind in the silent flow of the universal underlying energy. This is your expanded awareness. This is the expanded view of the universe. Have you heard me say that everything that we know about the universe is changing? Here’s why:

This process is you. This process is the universe. It happens on the grand scale of the vast cosmos we gaze upon in the night sky. It happens on the smallest possible quantum level. What does this process do? It is simply reflecting! What is a reflection? In a mirror, photons dance with the tiny subatomic particles that make up the mirror, exciting its electrons. As the electrons settle back down, they send out photons of their own. This is what happens when you look at your beautiful self in the mirror. Your reflection is a whole new set of photons created by the mirror. Not like what we’re taught in school is it? It’s about to get a lot deeper…


Everything we perceive as reality is following this basic process. When we see our reflection in the mirror, we see a projection of the¬†photons. We see an exchange of energy. When we look out into so-called reality, we see another process of projection. Another reflection. A new kind of creation. It’s not just speaking things into existence, it is transmuting energy to become what we observe right here, right now. we are this transmutation – not the projection. We are programmed with ego, the sense of self, to believe this projection is what we are, and our perception is designed to observe this projection. But to see beyond the projection, we must look beyond that which the eyes can see. You cannot see that!

The universe is more than that. The universe basically consists of a singularity. It’s what the Big Bang is before it’s a Big Bang. The size is unknown, but in this equation, size and time cancel themselves out. This is because there’s more to the picture. Think of the universe – the singularity – as if were a photon of light. It travels from something (the source) toward the mirror. But this mirror is not your ordinary mirror. This transmutes all of the energy of the universe. You see, the source is another kind of object beyond what our eyes can see. It is a white hole, and the mirror surface is its event horizon! When our singularity reached this surface, it interacts, and like the mirror, something new is created: the Big Bang. This new creation becomes the projection! The projection is the universe we see. It is a reflection of our true self.

The universal reflection is just like looking into a mirror. The source looks in, and sees itself as us. We are one universe. Everything is connected. That’s not just crazy talk – it’s what we have learned in the last 100+ years of quantum science. Yet, we’re just beginning to understand the nature of the universe. We are just beginning to understand the realm of consciousness. It is the field of thought streaming through me to teach us about ourselves. We are this continual process. This is life. Beauty. Love.¬†That is what we are!

To expand your awareness further into this process beyond what we see in the universe, read my book, Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse. The Omniverse is the whole picture – the Source and the projection. This is enlightenment through science! Thanks for reading and sharing this wisdom! It is done. It is done. It is done.



Change your perspective, change your universe.

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