The 595 Rule

People say don't trust an atom-they make up everything. People teach that your genes determine everything from your health to lifestyle. People also think they're in control of their minds. People are full of shit! The universe, which is inside every single grain of your existence, follows a different pattern: The 595 rule.

Less than 5% of the known universe is made of matter and forces. The other 95% is unknown matter and energy. Only 5% of your genes are deterministic. The other 95% has a storehouse of information you can tap into. And only 5% of your actions are conscious. The subconscious does the rest. So let go of the old, ushering in new energy. The 5 serves a purpose accepting that things are the way they are, while the 95 guides you to live the life you desire. That's the difference between destiny and free will! 


Here's how to live in the 95. First, accept that 5 is merely the surface. Like the water you see on the ocean surface, imagine how much more is in the body of the ocean. Knowledge is an ocean. Your "conscious" mind is navigating the dimensions it's capable of on the surface . Your subconscious navigates the unseen dimension into the body of the ocean. 

Currents exist within the ocean. Flow is the only way to go. By holding onto control with the surface mind, this flow is inaccessible by your own doing. The surface mind just drifts. To get the good stuff, you gotta go deep! Just dive into the depths of infinite knowledge. Surrender and let yourself go as you imagine yourself taking the plunge. That's all you gotta do to get the 95. Yea, I know—we coulda been doing that the whole time. Well maybe you were but weren't yet aware of it. 

Now there's one more hack to the 95. Convert it to a full 100, integrating at every level of your mind and body for the full experience. And be consciousnly aware. That's the key! Just be aware.

Allow your subconscious to guide the way and be aware of how your life changes as you bring forth this new reality into the now. This is when you are in the flow. The zone! This allows your intuition to lead the way while you engage in conscious action. Because every one of these universal hacks have a higher purpose that's going to help your life in the here and now. And being in the now means you're not focused on an outcome, which makes more room in your consciousness for income. And that is something we'd like to attract, yes? 

Wanna take this to the next level? Imagine being aware of your environment controlling your epigenetic gene expression. That's being in control of your evolution and being consciously aware. It's good to know that, isn't it? And being one with the wholeness of the universe brings all kinds of possibilities for discoveries and even space travel. Someone made EM drive using technology over 100 years old, and even though nobody knows how, it works! Yea, someone followed their gut. And so you see there's a lot of power to your subconscious, right?. It unlocks the doors to your very essence—your energy. 

One of the most common uses of using the 595 Rule to be in your flow is manifesting. Find role models successful at what they do and take notice of their approach. You can manifest success. You can manifest abundance of exactly what it is that you desire. And you can manifest love. Soulmates. Twin flames. The possibilities are infinite. And you have all of the knowledge you need to do so right here and now. Tap in. Thank you, it is done. It is done. It is done.


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