The Afterlife of Stars

We have been around for a long time. After all, we are the product of almost 14 billion years of the universe’s evolution. But we are more than the atoms forged by the destruction and rebirth of stars. We are experiencing the miracle of life. The stars show us how this miracle is made possible!


There’s much more to the picture than what we are taught. Biological life has precursors essential to the process. Everything we assumed to be outside of the definition of biological life is actually essential to life as we know it! It all starts like this:

In the early universe a primordial soup of quarks and gluons form matter and forces. Physical laws cause attraction and hydrogen atoms are made. Stars form when enough atoms, bound by immense gravity, starts to fuse helium. When we might think the star’s life is over, it is actually creating a fertile environment for more stars. The leftovers of exploding stars are recycled into the next generation that builds upon the atoms created by the first generation. The same iron pulsing through our blood was made in this process and spread throughout the universe over 13 billion years ago.

With heavy elements, planets, moons, and solar systems come to life. Crystals differentiate in celestial bodies. This forms the chemical interface necessary for early biological ancestors to evolve. Before sunlight, chemical energy was the first and only option.

So the atoms forged by the afterlife of stars are now crystals, water, and proteins. Before long, proteins evolve into complex biochemical engines and then team up with other lipid molecules to form the first cell walls. It appears that there is a higher level of life in this process outside of our perception of biological life. Knowledge of this is consciousness.

We evolved to perceive consciousness. But here’s where it gets cool: we didn’t evolve to perceive human consciousness – that’s just part of the frequency spectrum. We evolved to receive a signal from our surroundings. We can be fine-tuned to pick up more. We are still, after all, our former selves as stars. Turn on and tune in!


Simply knowing this helps tune in to the many frequencies of the universe. Soon, as humanity evolves into a species of heightened enlightenment, or pure awareness, this will be what we teach our children. For now, theĀ  take away is this simple lesson: This is heaven!

Love the universe you’re in! Thank you for reading!

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