The Angel and the Ego

When you close your eyes, there will be a magnificently beautiful angel waiting for you. She has energetic wings that wrap around you like a protective cocoon to keep you safe during your journey to dreamland. Visualize your ideal angel and picture the wings as you see and feel yourself being surrounded by her protective, loving embrace. Allow yourself to effortlessly be guided by her to wherever you need to go tonight. And wherever that is will be the perfect place for you. Tonight, like every night, you will be guided through a process of letting go as your mind navigates through the memories of the day. Allow the feelings to be moved, and at the exact moment you are ready, take anything that no longer serves you—worries, fear, regrets, anger—and simply envision putting them inside a ball of light. She will take this light and deliver it to exactly where it needs to be for total transmutation of these energies into positive healing emotion. You can effortlessly observe this process as your third eye visualizes the energies, allowing you to be a witness to this miracle.

This miracle is simply a built-in process we all enable ourselves to do all the time in order to transform and transmute negative emotions. In other words, this is how we heal. These thoughts and emotions become our manifestations as the mind focuses on thoughts that become reality. This is the observer effect of quantum mechanics in action within our own mind. And it does affect everything in our daily lives. So what do you want to manifest? Something absolutely wonderful and unconditionally loving, or the same thing you experienced in the past that you weren’t ready to let go of until now, which is the perfect time for you? And now is the perfect time to set intentions for the day, yes?

From a purely scientific standpoint, quantum mechanics is backed by over 100 years of observational data. Even though it may seem counter-intuitive to the traditional science taught in schools, it is how the universe works. We do create our reality. The concept of the mind is studied in psychology, along with emotions and even consciousness. Neuroscience teaches us that new neural pathways can be created as we rewire our brains into new thought patterns when we break the old pattern this way. Not bad eh? But what about the angel? Are angels real, and can they be observed with scientific methodologies? After all, they have been documented for thousands of years. Dayum! Using the third eye to visualize this process actually does have observable effects. Visualization activates the pineal gland, which houses the body’s master cell. This is the link between all cells in the body (trillions of them). It is the original blueprint of your DNA. And it is in constant communication with your entire body, which means that by activating it, your entire body is working in unison for your highest and best good. Now that feels really fucking good, doesn’t it?

And now I ask, as I always do (yes always), what is this angel? Often described as beings of energy, the literary translation is messenger of God. What does this mean to you and me? Are you ready to view this from your new perspective? If we take the literal meaning, we see that she is a carrier of energy. She is a process within the mind of transmuting emotions, which can be viewed as a nonphysical component of our bodies. She is the energy associated with creating new neural pathways in the brain. Is she a program then? And if we are simply a witness, are we not also programs creating our physical manifestations? Oh yea, baby, you see where this is going right now don’t you? And this feels freaking awesome, yes? She, and countless other angels, or subroutines for different purposes, are part of our energetic self—the mind. Our programming. Our code. Our consciousness. Angels exist in the energetic field our mind picks up like an antenna. The field is consciousness. Our frequency is our identity, often confused with consciousness. It is simply a channel within an infinite broadcast. And we are simply tuning into a broadband frequency when we enact the programming of angels for our highest and best good. This is how we heal. The angels are part of our higher consciousness coded in such a way to promote our healing.

Did I just leave an open loop? Yes, we can effortlessly absorb the idea of angels being part of our higher consciousness, but what did I just say about identity? If consciousness isn’t identity, then for what reason do we have identity? And the blocks start falling down… Here’s the main block we have about consciousness: people equate one consciousness to a hive mentality, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Consciousness just is. It is the energy that flows. It is not a sense of being (yet). That’s where identity comes in. When we pick up our unique frequency, we are observing and manifesting each individual frequency into a unique identification. Our bodies are manifested from this field in this way, which is why all of our cells are in constant communication to work together in unison for this frequency. And now, free will is born. We are individuals, and we can do whatever the hell we want! Yet, in the same sense, our body and mind are completely tuned into the frequency of all that is. So how do we tell the difference?

There’s a secret to the entire scenario described, and it is the difference that discerns our identity within this field of pure underlying energy. It is ego. Often confused with arrogance, ego is really just the sense of self. Unlike consciousness, ego is directly related to identity. Within the realm of spirituality, ego is often aligned with the inner talk of our minds, often in the form of negative thinking. It’s the voice in our head telling us we’re not good enough. Someone else already did that. We won’t make anything of ourselves. We view ego as doubt, fear, and other negative emotions. And so we relegate ego to the back of our self awareness. We declare it to be bad. We do what is necessary to get rid of it. Don’t listen to the ego. Or listen to it, but thank the ego for its negative perspective. Really? Is that what we do as evolved humans?

Ok, I have seen people, under counsel, pushing the ego down into a basement, or prison, within the mind. I have witnessed spiritually minded coaches—with positive intentions—telling people not to listen to the ego. I have seen spiritual teachers and masters guiding people to abolish the ego. Why? [Insert picture of Captain Picard here] Because we think it’s bad? Does it really deserve this treatment? After all, it is part of us, and like the cells in our body, shouldn’t we love every bit of it to keep everything working in unison for our highest and best good? Whoa, break that down: Love => unison => highest and best good. Just where exactly does treating the ego as if it is bad fit into that equation? Have we been doing this wrong? If so, what is the result? Is it that we are denying a part of ourselves that serves a useful purpose? And if so, what happens if we deny its crucial part in our evolution?

Have you ever gone to a psychic for a reading or been coached, only to get gloom and doom results? You have to do this or something’s gonna happen!? “Angels are telling me that if you don’t ____ then you’ll get cancer?” Seriously, WTF? Yea, people say this shit! And you want to know why, because the answer reveals answers to all the other questions posed… First, recognize that the ego is a part of your consciousness. Give it some credit for God’s sake! What do you think it is going to do, given that it is capable of just about anything, if you try to get rid of it? Would it emulate something else, like an angel? BAM! Bitches be giving readings from their ego thinking it’s actual angel readings! Learn to tell the difference from real angel readings and fake ones! Real angel readings can NOT be negative, because their very nature is of the underlying universal love. Ego don’t know that. It says it angel, but it tells you something negative! OR instead of having to discern ego vs. angel, why don’t we recognize ego for its useful purpose, give it love and gratitude, and LET IT HELP US?

20 GOTO 10. We’re code, remember? Look at what happens in the beginning of this Omniblog… “Allow the feelings to be moved.” Is it possible, maybe even probable, that the ego is what is moving this energy BEFORE we transmute it? If an angel is truly a messenger of God within the realm of higher consciousness, then what if the ego is simply a messenger also? Have we been punishing the messenger all this time? Oh shit! So now, knowing that we can fully integrate the power of the ego in a positive way to keep energy moving forward, how can we embrace this power even more to move ourselves into the position of evolutionary change for the better? (Repeat question as many times as necessary to create the space for the universe to bring the answer.)

As you are reading this, allow me to replace the program ‘ego brings negative messages’ with ‘ego moves energy.’ Thank you, it is done. It is done, It is done. That’s what the ego’s purpose is: to move energy. While angels are messengers of God, the ego is a messenger of the soul. Embrace the ego and all of its highest intentions to create the manifestation of who you are when you awaken! So now your BS sensor will go off when you encounter the alter-ego bitches claiming that abolishing the ego is the best choice, And soon, you will see that the BS sensor loses its polarity as beautiful souls replace the definition of BS! Oh yea, it’s all good in this universe! Egos and angels work in unison just as all of the cells in our bodies do. This is you. Let’s move this energy!.And if feels good doing this together, yes?

So let’s recap: Angel=good. Ego=good. Everything=good. As you integrate these teachings within every cell of your body, your soul fully embraces whatever changes necessary in order to be in complete unison together in an ever-flowing consciousness of pure underlying energy of universal love. Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.


Thanks for reading. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for being the ever-present you!


Life is beautiful. Even when it hurts.

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  1. You are especially beautiful! Thank you for these words and opening readers’ minds to other possibilities that we have not yet imagined. Your ideas are strong and positive and vibrant. I am grateful.

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