The Angel Consciousness Connection

Today I am grateful for having the opportunity of speaking with Carlos Vasquez of Circle of Insight about the Omniverse and Consciousness. It was a great way for me to hear myself talking.I realized that some of the information I casually discuss may be more powerful than thought. I have new insight in areas out on the fringe of science, with special thanks to my spiritual friends and other Hay House authors for introducing me to angels. I realized that my insight can help change the knowledge of angels and bring it into a scientific context, much like how the Omniverse expands upon the current scientific knowledge of the universe.

Even with the turmoil I have gone through after writing my book and having my life turned upside-down, I have learned many lessons. For example, when a person claims to hear angel messages yet communicates them as warnings of negative outcome, this is not proper use of our higher consciousness. In short, if you know someone who repeatedly preys on peoples’ fears, they may be schizophrenic and should seek professional help. One person claiming to be a psychic medium took advantage of my wife to break up our marriage after doing the same thing with several other friends. And that’s my turmoil in a nutshell.The love of my life constantly threatened to leave because he was feeding her misinformation for personal gain. But what I learned from this surprised me. Because the important lesson is learning HOW to use your own consciousness without needing to rely on messages from anything considered to be separate from yourself – pure divinity.


The divinity is in the self. As I found in my research for the Omniverse, everything in the universe is one singularity. A single point particle. Our vast universe is a projection. It is an illusion. What we view as separate components are part of the illusion. All is one. And this oneness brings us to the realization that everything is alive. Everything is one consciousness. The universe is a consciousness broadcast and we are antennae that pick up individual channels, thus giving us our own unique identity and free will. Free will gives us the ability to choose whether to follow a path of divine guidance or not. And that’s where angels come in. Typically viewed as religious or mythical icons, angels guide us toward a path for the highest and best good. I have encountered many who receive clear messages from angels and read about this by people with academic credentials. But now I am about to put this into a new context.

First, don’t think of angels as physical – they’re not. Don’t think of winged beings. They can appear to you that way but it is only done so based on the social conditioning we learned from the way angels are portrayed in religious texts and artwork. These beings are energy in exactly the same way we are energy. Each of our subatomic components is made of energy. Our consciousness is what puts us together in the physical projection. And here’s where it gets good! Our consciousness is more than our identity. It is more than our free will. It is more than the conscious mind we think controls everything in our daily lives. More than the subconscious mind that actually controls 95% or more of our lives.

We have built-in nature consciousness. We are in fact, part of Gaia. This was a scientific hypothesis explaining that the Earth is a living, conscious being. For example, the dung beetle can navigate using the stars in the sky without complex brains like ours. This is the built-in consciousness connection! In addition to nature, there is the realm of angels. This is where you are about to learn an entirely new perspective. This is part of your consciousness – NOT separate entities. Even though they have identities and free will, they are part of the same consciousness just like us. They are a more evolved version of our consciousness. Our next step of evolution is upgrading our TV sets to pick up better broadband channels of consciousness like the angels! Because we are the same consciousness, angels represent a ‘super-consciousness’ we are capable of accessing when we are focused on our highest and best good and serving others.

Our consciousness does not stop there. As we upgrade to evolve into higher perceptive abilities, we begin to understand the true nature of our being. The very laws of physics are in fact, another level of super-consciousness. We use the laws to construct our reality in the projection. Masters of this consciousness level can literally change their surroundings. We can manifest. We can shape reality. We can surf parallel universes of infinite possibilities! And above this level is pure universal consciousness. This is simply unconditional love! To understand the pure consciousness – the divinity of yourself – all you have to do is love! This is nirvana – bliss. It is easily attainable by every single one of us simply by being kind and loving. As a practice, I recommend seeing things with love in your heart and serving for the highest and best good.

Here’s one more secret that even the masters of consciousness may not have known: There’s another aspect to nirvana. It is not as blissful, but it is a chance to observe yourself in this blissful state from an outside point of view. Observation of the self is just like observation of a particle in physics – it is always changing, but at the time of observation, the outcome is affected. Therefore, when you look for bliss, you will find it in everything, everywhere. This is the ultimate secret in how your presence affects the universe as a whole! By evolving our consciousness, I can help you find this state beyond bliss.

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