The Answer is Simple!

While not directly about the science of the Omniverse, this post gives insight into the mechanism in which I believe I channeled the concept, then came to understand it, and ultimately write a book about it.  The concept of mind:

Jesus experienced the universal consciousness.
So did Buddha.
So can we.
The key to recognizing it is in its simplicity. We are not a part of it and it is not a part of us. We are an extension of it! We are one with the universe.
With free will, our ego is self-realizing. We have cognitive responses to our surroundings. The subconscious separates the ego and what we perceive. It reports our perception and knowledge up the chain of consciousness.
This gives the universe a vessel to discover its own surroundings and learn about itself. This is why we receive love, the language of the universe. So in essence, we don’t need to desire to experience everything divine in life, because we already do!
We just need to focus our intentions to allow this communication to happen.
Breathe…  Enjoy…   Smile and give thanks!

ImageImage credit: Art of Living (, where I learned that the universe is made of love!

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