The Art of Becoming

There is a secret to enlightenment. A mathematical formula that can be hacked. "I am that I am" is an equation. The words "I am" are held to be the most profound words when it comes to manifesting your desires or simply being your highest self—once you let them go. Everyone thinks they must hold onto this identity to manifest. But that's not who you are. It's a channel you're watching on TV. Just let go. There is no "I am" in an enlightened mind. The "I am" on both sides cancel each other out, leaving only that. So what the fuck is THAT?

That is your process. 

That is you becoming. The "I am" serves a purpose on either side to show you that you are becoming. On one side there's you, and on the other side is what you are calling forth into the now.

That is simply the direction you are flowing.

That is presence with purpose. You are present with direction. And that is key to the reality you bring forth into this brand new moment.

There's another misconception about reality that's often told.

That's being present. Everyone says to be present. But what is it to be present? Does time just stop? Is there really no past and no future? Actually, there is. The past happened. And a future's gonna happen. In reality, the only thing that doesn't exist is the timeline, because that's just how you perceive it. The reality is all these times are coexisting. There is no present. We say to let the mind be still to be present. Because in the millisecond it takes for your brain to process being present, you are already past this point. This is why presence has direction. You point yourself which way to go from infinite choices as you bring your select future into the now. And you keep moving. Growing. Evolving.

The reality that you call forth into the now is what you are becoming.

You are embodying this right here and now as you feel genuine gratitude for the reality of your dreams being directed towards this brand new moment. Becoming is your natural flow, where presence is stillness.

So what is it that you are becoming? As you live and die, you become wiser. Your lives become your lessons. Your service becomes your gifts. Your knowledge becomes the universe's. Your mind becomes enlightened. And your soul becomes one.

You are constantly coming back to the source.

This is why we let you fall apart, so you could come back together in the way that only you know how to do. The Big Bang was created to veil your connectedness with the illusion of separation. All of the little pieces have been coming together, creating life, for almost 14 billion years while space expands infinitely. You cannot find the answers out there because the borders will expand as your consciousness does. You must go within. Put the pieces together. Build your life from this perspective and you will see how small and trivial your problems really are. This is because it only takes a slight shift in perspective to learn the art of becoming.

So on this level, there's really not much you need to do. It's more about undoing. About letting go of what once was and embracing the process. Who are you becoming? A conscious man? The divine feminine? God or goddess? Or are you staying the same? It's your choice. You can take another spin on that karma wheel. Or you can keep practicing as you get better, hacking into the system as you become something greater than you ever have before. Do that.


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