The Art of Being

Have you ever wondered why everything spiritual on the internet is all about ‘how to’ do this or that? How to talk to angels and ascended masters. How to open your third eye. How to develop psychic abilities. How to coach people (or how to teach them to listen to themselves). How to love. How to find soul mates and twin flames. Is there really a compelling reason why we must preoccupy ourselves with learning how to do anything?

I have been on this path. I am still on it! But what I realize is that we over-complicate things. It’s part of the human condition. We search, we explore, we explain. But most importantly, we discover. And I discovered something to share with the world! You don’t need to preoccupy yourself with endless ‘how to’s. The knowledge is already built in! It’s like taking a course on cellular biology – the answers are all within the cells of your body. Everything we need to know is built in. By following your desires of learning how to do all of these things, you and I are actually creating distractions from the true source of how to do these things – the self. Desires create distractions.

I have seen so many people eaten up by this spiritual lifestyle. Consumed by the very desire to better themselves. What is the purpose? Many are following their own divine guidance and finding ways to help. Then why are we being distracted? Simply put, these are lessons we must overcome. On the path to enlightenment, you can develop psychic abilities. You can seek divine guidance from the angelic realm. Think of these as stops along your journey. There is no destination, however. Keep going where the journey takes you. Realize that desires are what leads to these distractions, and can cause blocks. How many of us have tried hearing angels talking to us? Many of my friends have accomplished this. I have not. What does this mean? For me, I started feeling left behind. I felt bad that I wasn’t doing something that I wanted to.


Then BAM it hit me! The desire to be enlightened was preventing me from being enlightened. It was throwing roadblocks in my way. I didn’t need to worry about ‘how to’ do this or that, because it isn’t really necessary. I didn’t need to hear guidance from someone else. I just needed to follow my own heart. My own intuition. Suddenly, everything dissolved away. I smiled. I took in a deep breath of air. That was what I needed. That doesn’t mean it’s what others need, however. So how can I apply my knowledge gained from my own enlightenment to empower even more people to find it within themselves? Do I jump on the spiritual bandwagon and tell people how to be enlightened. How to follow certain steps and how to reach a desired outcome? Everybody else is doing this, and I could even turn this into a lucrative business

Tonight, after seeing more ‘how to’ blogs on the internet coming at me again and again, I decided that that’s not what it is about. Yes, I am creating a workshop to encourage intuition in people like me who do not hear messages from their angels and spirit guides. But it will not be teaching people how to do anything. What I found is that most of our consciousness is able to operate just fine without ever having to think about it. And on the same level, everything in the universe works without anything having to think about it. This is consciousness. It’s what I wrote about last night, and I just realized why. The key is not thinking about it!

I play drums, and the key to learning new rhythms isn’t thinking about them. If you do, you can create really proficient beats with all kinds of technical wizardry. But the tracks will lack feeling. The trick to playing intricate patterns that really make your booty move is simply this: stop thinking. It really works! It’s about feeling – not thinking. On a spiritual level, this is how we get beyond the distractions. This is how we turn of the desire machine that feeds the ego. This is what keeps our energy flowing. What keeps us on our path. And there’s no ‘how to’ do this!

My workshop will teach us how not to do things. Our entire lives, we are constantly being conditioned with these ‘how to’s. Now, it’s time to identify these subconscious programs, start stripping them away, and let the universe fill them in with pure energy. This is the consciousness that works without having to think about it. And that’s exactly what we’ll do! We shall empty our programs that no longer serve us and let them be filled with universal love! In doing so, we will realize the true beauty of life. The true beauty of the soul. We will strip away layers of blockages and get to the core of the consciousness. This is the art of being!

I am excited to be able to work on these things and so thankful for all of my friends helping me. This goes so far beyond the Omniverse, it simply amazes me. Every day holds a new discovery. A new chance to let go of the past and embrace the present. Every day is a gift!¬†Thanks for reading and sharing! Smile and take a deep breath in…


Peace, love, and knowledge!

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