The Art of Timeshifting 

What would you do with the ability to pause time, view multiple possible timelines, and choose an outcome aligned with your highest and best? What if I told you that you’re already doing it, unaware of the time between time where you make it happen? Right now you’re becoming aligned with the awareness that this ability is within your grasp. It’s one of your supersenses. And here’s how it works…

We all know the 5 senses. There’s more. Humans are built to be expandable and upgradable. One of your superhuman abilities is spatial awareness. You can sense where you are in relation to infinite possibilities of space and time in, around, and through you. And that’s pretty damn cool. You can also experience something unique in your memories. You have the ability to view memories like a movie that you can pause, rewind, and fast forward. You can go into your timeline and literally rewire your brain in the present moment. You can transcend root causes to major emotional problems. You can even clear past trauma and PTSD. It’s kinda like time travel. Because it is. 

Time’s a funny thing. It’s actually not a thing. It’s a dimension we made up to understand relativity. It’s always moving forward, right? The weird thing is that it’s just a perception of yours. That same ability that allows you to rewire your brain by viewing your movie will also allow you to view time, not just in a timeline, but with all possibilities of past, present, and future. Because that’s exactly how time really is. All possibilities of time exist all the time. 

Knowing this one thing gives you power. 

You have control of eternal time in your consciousness. It’s built-in knowledge. Your cells know it. Your heart knows it. And now you do too, aligning the intellect and the heart. 

At any time when facing a decision, you are pausing time in your timeline to view it and the infinite possibilities of outcomes in eternal time. You can view different scenarios like flipping through many screens. And you can align yourself with the highest and best opportunities for even more of the good stuff. 

And that’s just the beginning. Because multiple timelines are available to you, there’s even more possibilities of how you navigate through them. You don’t have to be in one timeline at a time. You do multiple timelines all at once. This gives you a groundhog day effect, but since it’s not happening inside the timeline, the effect isn’t perceived. The end result of the timeloop is the outcome you experience now. In eternal time, it took several times to get the experience that you perceived once. 

That’s timelooping. So get ready to timeshift. 

You were born ready! You can shift your consciousness into other times in the past and future. You can give yourself downloads to install. And they execute in perfect divine timing! You can help your future self’s memory and plant reminders. You can rise above in consciousness and put signs along your path to guide yourself. See yourself in the timelines you choose interacting and see yourself above it all, directing the movies unfolding. 

Timeshifting happens from above too. You may not know it, but different versions of you come through every single brand new moment. You can observe yourself through your own eyes on a window of time. You can essentially have a future self step into your experience in the now. A future self with hands-on knowledge of something you’re going through or are about to. How cool is that? 

And you can place yourself in multiple timelines to observe your karma in action. You can go into parallel lives. That’s multiple possibilities of you across eternal time, expressed into past, present, and future. Just remember, otherwise lives are just part of your experience, and the lessons you gathered from those lives jellied your karma in this life. It’s a whole new kind of timeline. Karma is the real always forward-moving force. All of these multiple timelines and possibilities in eternal time are moving the karma in a forward direction. And that’s good to know, isn’t it? 

It’s all available to you all the time. That’s the bottom line! The universe really is working in your favor. And your karma proves it. Just take a peak inside that future timeline you wanna manifest. You can see that it’s already happening. Now align and go! 


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