The Art of Transcendence

I just witnessed something I’ve never seen before. While walking through the countryside, I looked behind me to see the cloudy skies being illuminated by a setting sun, resulting in a beautiful pink glow. Almost apocalyptic in appearance, the mysterious glow intrigued my senses. And when I turned back around, I noticed a full rainbow stretched across the sky. But this was no ordinary rainbow. It wasn’t even raining. This was a pink rainbow – formed by light of the setting sun being filtered through the low cloud cover. It was glowing the same shade of pink as the sunset, with only a slight tinge of blue.

Then, as I continued to walk, a light rain started, feeling cool and soothing and bringing the smell of springtime with it. It is every day moments like these that are pure magic. What do they say to you? When I observe these moments, it feels like confirmation that life is just pure love and beauty. Nothing else really matters at all. This is living in the present moment.


Living in the present doesn’t mean you can’t reflect upon the past or look towards the future. When I looked back to see the sunset, it was like visions from the past revisiting to deliver a message to me. When I looked ahead, I saw the pink rainbow – a confirmation that the steps I take today are in the right direction for my divine path. It is a sign that the angelic realm of pure consciousness is working with my human form to deliver something greater to this world.

As I look in the past, I see something different than I used to see. I don’t see regrets. I see lessons, many of which were just shared on my blog. Trust your gut, and your intuition becomes automatic. Your pain becomes your credential to serve others for the highest and best good of all. Life may not be fair, but the scales are always tipped in the favor of life. In the favor of love. It is simply a shift in perception that changes the outcome. What you attract is what you create. Divine timing doesn’t exist when you are aligned with your purpose. You can go from zero to anything without waiting, just by being in sync. When I take my experiences, I focus on learning lessons. This transmutes the pain I feel and allows me to serve others. And that makes me feel good. And another lesson for the soul: if it feels good, do it!

This is the art of transcendence. It takes the human condition beyond the limitations we place on ourselves. It expands our consciousness as our experiences are transmuted to love. It is the circulation of pure divine love. From this consciousness, there are no negatives. There is no duality. Only pure attraction. Pure love. Pure beauty. This is the center of the universe. Not the center we observe as humans, but the singularity state in which all things are one and time does not exist. This is where infinite possibilities pull forth the reality you manifest. Infinite parallel universes are at your disposal to align this path, as we embrace the chaos of life and watch it unfold.

Life is the cosmic projection of this unfolding of the infinite universes. The Omniverse is where the projection comes from. It is the state beyond the bliss of enlightenment. It is simply the observation of creation in motion. From here, we can seed the universe with life and love. This is what the human consciousness was built to do – first, become self aware, then to grow in love and serve, then to create. When we do this, we get to watch ourselves growing.

I have a new treat for us today. This is a practice of love. Find yourself in a quiet or peaceful place to meditate to this thought. Expand your awareness to the whole universe. Then step back and observe yourself observing this awareness, like you are watching the projection on a big screen. The screen is like a movie – a series of snapshots of your life, your parallel lives, even the planets, stars, and universe itself. Let the movie play through. Think of it like you’re watching a romantic comedy – don’t hit pause on the sad parts. Let it keep playing if you want to see the happy ending. Feel the love. Give it more love. Think of every planet we are discovering across the observable universe and infuse it with pure consciousness. Pure love. Let each develop and grow on its own with your love lighting the way. Seed the universe with your consciousness and let it grow. Smile and breathe… This is the art of transcendence!

Thank you. I love you!


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