The Beautiful Life

What is life? Simply, it is that which moves forward. It is the same concept as time. Same as the expansion of the universe. Same as evolution. And it is the same with consciousness. It is the progression of all things in nature! Yet, a midst all of the chaos of this beautiful life, there is always a sweet spot. And that sweet spot will always be right here, right now. It is the present moment! So why spend the present moment reliving events of the past or stressing on what will happen next? Life is really so simple that all we have to do is sit back and observe the show!

Why is it so rewarding to simply observe? I know you’ve read many of my posts about quantum physics and how observing affects the outcome. But it really goes deeper than that scientifically, spiritually, and psychologically. Being the observer literally changes your perception. Changing your perception changes how you react in this present moment. It can reprogram your subconscious map of reality based on past events, and open new doors to tomorrow. What happens next will surprise you… No really, you are going to have a whole new outlook when this is done!


The effect of observation on the mind is quite profound. By doing so, we stop thinking from the 1st person perspective. When you change your perspective, you literally change your universe! When you stop thinking about yourself, you start thinking about everyone and everything, feeling more compassion. You begin acting with a greater presence of love in your heart. Your heart leads your sense of being, not your ego. Heart-centered living is so powerful, you notice confirmation and synchronicities everywhere your look. You find that doors of opportunity literally open for you all the time. This is the state of mind where your divine path becomes automatic. And this path is a path of pure love, regardless of what your purpose is.

Simply feel love in your heart and begin your transformation! When we are aligned in the heart-centered living in the present moment, we are taking this imbalance by the reigns and watching it work for us! Alternatively, when we are in the past or the future in our minds, or when we are wrapped up in ego-based thinking, this imbalance slaps us in the face, making life seem unfair. But when you get back in the zone, you see that is is heavily balanced for you to succeed, and it may not seem fair, but this time you are the one reaping the benefits.

This isn’t just crazy talk – I got science to back this shit up! The beauty of the science lies in the imbalance of the universe. Simply, the universe’s natural laws prefer matter over antimatter. In other words, having¬†conditions suitable to life is the preferred outcome! This explains why we observe such an imbalance in our lives, and why alignment makes the positive outcome happen automatically. This is progression of life, the present moment, and the universe itself. And absolutely no laws of physics are violated! Energy cannot be created or destroyed, but what we are witnessing is transmutation of pure universal underlying energy.This was known in alchemy before it became the first law of physics. But what does it mean to us in this moment right now? Simply, as energy transmutes, it creates a positive progression. Time. Mind. The universe’s expansion. Consciousness. That which moves forward = LIFE!

This is what we are in our purest form of essence. We are transmutation. We are this progression. We are not a being. Not a soul. Not anything except becoming. I am that I am means that we are this process. Realizing this within ourselves opens our minds to the infinite potential of the knowledge stored in the universal brain – information of all that is. The past and future dissolve. Our physical being dissolves. The universe dissolves. Even bliss dissolves. We are the observer of all that is. And in doing so we simply witness the process. How beautiful it is! Every quantum possibility of time and space wrapped up in one beautiful life! This is the life divine. It is simply a process of letting underlying universal energy flow. It is a process of transmuting love into even more beautiful kinds of love! Energy can’t be created or destroyed – its already there for you to paint your canvas. This is how you create life!

Be present – this is your new outlook. Observe and create. Live a life of love! And right here right now, under the super black new moon, release that which no longer serves your highest and best good. Let that shit go! Thanks for reading. Thanks for sharing. It is done. It is done. It is done.


Change your perspective, change your universe.

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