The Beauty of Love

We exist in the human form as a physical construct within the mind of a universal quantum brain. Simply, we are a process of love. This universe is a singularity – nothing but a point particle the smallest known measurable size to us. This universe is also the Big Bang – the creation of the vast space we observe. This universe is everything in-between the creation and the space. It is in each and every subatomic component of you!


And what drives this ever-expanding universe? Simply, a process. It is a process of exchanging energies to initiate the Big Bang, followed by the inflation of space, attraction of forces and matter, and expansion of the universe. Initiation, inflation attraction, and expansion. This is a process of becoming self-aware on a universal level.

This process of becoming self aware is the same that humans go through as we first recognize our consciousness – initiation. All of a sudden, we become aware of infinite possibilities – inflation. We become universally loving and compassionate for all things – attraction. And we grow and evolve in this process – expansion! Our consciousness and the universal consciousness are one in the same, my good friend. Our physicality and the structure of the universe are connected. Entwined. Beautifully entangled. This is the story of our Big Bang of consciousness!

As our species advances its knowledge of the mind and of the universe, we learn how it all works. We gain a better understanding. And that allows us to feel something magical. There is power in knowing, and there is only love in this kind of power! Because when we journey within, we find that love is all there is. All other emotions are split from this white light into colors from a prism. When we journey outward, we don’t find a cold, dark, lifeless universe as once thought. We find living planets! In recently published news EIGHT Earth-like planets were just found in the inhabitable ‘Goldilocks zones’ of their solar systems (


Simply put, we find a universe alive and thriving. We find an abundance of life, and we rejoice in our hearts! We are not alone, for we are life. We are love. We are consciousness. We are this process. And as we grow and evolve, we learn how to use our consciousness to create a better place for ourselves. We love more and live in compassion, leading to a peaceful coexistence. One at a time, we start to get it. Oneness. Compassion. Love. Beauty. It was here all along, we just needed eyes to see it. But first we have to believe it. Because believing it is what makes it happen!

And that’s how the universe works! In a system of infinite parallel universes, at least one had to believe it could host life. And we’re in it! It had to become aware to believe physical laws could create the backbone necessary to build structure. It had to love to create the forces of attraction and create matter. It had to evolve to turn that matter into living, loving stars, solar systems, planets, and biological life. We are a product of this love. But more so, we are this process of love.

There is a huge take-away here. We are not separate. We are this consciousness. It is in each and every one of us! It is constantly nudging us to wake up from our sleep state of social conditioning that hypnotized our human forms into thinking that we are reality. We are not this reality. We create this reality! What we really are is far more beautiful than ever imagined by human minds. We are the process of ever-evolving love!

Thank you universe, and thank YOU for reading and sharing the love! This is what Omniversal Enlightenment is about! It is done. It is done. It is done.


I am a creator.

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