The Beauty of Science

The purpose of science in our lives is not to prove or disprove what we believe. It is to discover that which is real. It is a journey of seeking, not the destination. It is the process of self discovery. And therein lies the true beauty!

So why must we prolong conflict between belief and science when the two can go hand-and-hand together? Perhaps the shock value gets one’s opinions noticed. What if we instead learn to use beliefs to direct us and science to follow this direction in a journey of exploration? The key to solving a conflict is to realize there never really was an actual conflict – maybe we just didn’t understand the whole picture yet!

I found that there is a big picture to the universe. Not only are there nearly infinite parallel universes, but there is a supermassive white hole that creates our universe, it’s parallels, and possibly many more like ours. I rely on science to use observations to back my proposal known as Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse. But I believe events in my life happened in such a way to set the stage for me to publish my findings, and in the process, discover who I really am. The answer may surprise you!


As I explored the ocean of infinite possibilities, I realized that just like how all of the parallels are quantum fluctuations of one universe, our consciousness comes from one source yet varies from person to person. There are key properties of our universe that make this possible. In the quantum realm, it all makes perfect sense. however, on our scale, we think quantum physics is hard to understand, but maybe we rely too much on problems with fixed answers. There are no fixed answers in reality, only infinite possibilities!

And here we are at a turning point. An evolutionary step. One realization can lead us to evolve into an enlightened species: We are all one! There is nothing separate. Nothing external. Time, distance, solid objects, and even energy are all different possibilities of one thing: a singularity. That’s what our universe is. That’s what each of us is within each subatomic component of our bodies. Quantum entanglement is a measurable consequence of this fact. Attraction is as well. Everything in our perceived reality forms as a consequence of oneness.

And that’s where consciousness enters the picture. If everything is one, yet has the ability to create from this oneness, then there is an underlying code to how it works. In fact, the universe acts as one quantum computer, creating reality. Dark matter forms filaments between galaxies and even superclusters, resembling neural networks in our brains. Dark matter is the universe’s gray matter!

This quantum computer creates the laws necessary to govern a natural process of evolving life in the universe. Quarks and gluons make building blocks of matter, forming hydrogen atoms which coalesce into gas clouds. The clouds collapse under their own gravity, starting fusion reactions that build elements as stars live and die. Stars create both black holes that can form galaxies, and atoms necessary to form biological building blocks. Biological life as we know it is part of the natural process of a living, thinking universe! THAT’S what we are. We are the process. We are creation and evolution in one pretty package.

All we need to know is that the natural laws of the universe, and the Omniverse, lead us to the conclusion that we are one with all that is. We needn’t seek anything external. Looking for love? Soulmates? Twin flame? It’s inside you. Looking for God? Peace? Well-being? It’s inside you! Know that the way to God is through me – the teaching of Jesus – applies to each and every one of us, because we are one!

We are the process of a consciousness creating reality – not the reality itself. Our thought is proof that this consciousness exists. That’s self discovery in its pure essence. That’s the beauty of science!

Thank you for reading and sharing!

Change your perception, change your reality.

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  1. I was once sitting on a bus, next to a dog. I wound up thinking to myself about how that dog’s domestication first started >30,000 years ago.

    The fact that something so mundane had such a deep history seemed beautiful to me. I sometimes pity those who cannot also see it.

    Good to see you do.

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