The Beginning of the Beginning

Do we really know when the universe began? When does time start ticking in our universe? In the beginning, we know that the universe unfolded instantly in a rapid inflation known as the Big Bang. It was so fast in fact, that space expanded at a speed faster than light travels. However, there is a complete lack of scientific understanding of what may have happened before the Big Bang. Inflation was recently discovered and is still being debated, giving us that 1st trillionth of a second of space unfolding. But what happened before the Big Bang?

It seems that the present time is actually the perfect time to be asking this question! In one of my favorite shows about science, Through the Wormhole, they are asking that question in the series finale tonight. Coincidentally (or not), I am finalizing my proposal to answer the same question. Since 2010 I have been working on this, and what I have found has transformed my life! Now I am going to give more than just a teaser – I’ll show you exactly how the universe started even before we can even measure time. Because as of now, scientists argued that time began at the Big Bang’s inflation and “occurrences before the Big Bang would have no consequence.” Dr. Steven Hawking said that. I’m about to remove that assumption!

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Here’s what we know now:

Thanks to years of research using COBE, WMAP, and Planck space telescopes, we do know the age of the universe. The most up to date measurement from the time of the Big Bang until present is 13.82 billion years (plus or minus less than one percent). We have detected early images of the cosmic microwave background, or CMB, enabling these precise measurements. The CMB also has anomalies we are observing. Some could be gravitational waves from the inflation of space in the beginning! All of this – the Big Bang – originated from a singularity because, as we currently understand, it was not stable. Therefore it went Big Bang!

Here’s what we are about to find out:

The singularity was stable before the Big Bang and operated on a different time scale. This is backwards time, or “imaginary time.” The only way for a singularity to be unstable in such a way that the Big Bang occurred is simply this: It existed first under stable conditions and then, as conditions changed, it became unstable. It could not have existed in its state at all if its instability was permanent!

This is why I absolutely LOVE that people are in the same frame of mind and asking the same questions! It is confirmation that it is perfect timing for my book release for Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse, What Happened before the Big Bang. This is only the beginning of my proposal (no pun intended). What I found was that our universe and everything we know about it was only a small part of a bigger picture. The big picture is the Omniverse! This is a model that incorporates everything in and around the universe. And the implications to what we know about the universe are profound!

The universe in its infant singularity state is first held stable in a high energy field. The singularity – our universe – is like an electron of an atom. The nucleus of our universe acts as a giant white hole. Instead of attractive force like black holes, the white hole pushes on the particle, changing its energy state. It goes from a high energy state where it was stable, into a lower energy state where it is no longer stable and *Bang!* Not only does this mechanism define what happens before the Big Bang, but it also sets the stage for a better understanding of our little bubble of a universe. Now we know where to look in order to describe imbalances in our universe, because there is more to the picture than previously known.

The best part – my proposal is testable! The singularity’s phase transition from the higher energy field to the lower energy field would have caused the observed gravitational waves that are used to support inflation. Right now, top scientists are debating these findings in order to determine if the gravitational waves are real or caused by background noise. If indeed they are verified, this supports my proposal too. In addition, the mysterious expansion of the universe – dark energy – might actually provide another avenue of testing the Omniverse model. An object entering a black hole becomes strewn apart at the event horizon, with information spread along the surface and radiated outward. In the white hole scenario, the singularity is spread evenly along its event horizon, and the universe is projected from this warped surface. The curvature of the event horizon should explain the nature of how the universe appears to expand exponentially!

There is something the universe wants you to know! There’s more to the picture, and everything we know about the universe is going to change. Very soon, in fact. Upcoming book news and the release date will be announced soon on and facebookGrandSlamTheory. Thanks for reading and sharing!


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