The Cell of Life

Think you are whole?  Think again!  As it turns out, we are colonies of cells.  We evolved from a single-celled organism. Or did we?  We actually evolved chemically.  As entropy unfolds, the most likely formation of molecules becomes life (  Proteins form into amino acids, and a cell is formed once the cell wall is able to differentiate itself from its surroundings.  This happens from the lipids, which are insoluble in water, attracting each other.  The cell wall protects its interior from the outside world, while allowing certain information to pass through.  Receptors in a cell wall sense molecules which can be granted the right to pass through. Thus, the cell wall is the primary sensory mechanism for all life.


In a universal sense, much is the same.  In my last post, I compared the recently observed filaments of dark matter in between galaxies ( to the neural network of a brain.  The entire universe acts as an advanced brain, or quantum computer, processing information unfathomable to us.  But there’s more to the brain.  There’s the body.  Consciousness from humankind creates this via our higher perceptions.  Sounds crazy, but humanity’s purpose can be found herein.

This involves multiple consciousness levels.  The human conscious and subconscious are well known.  Our conscious mind perceives our senses, while the subconscious mind stores programs that control our daily life.  Did you know there’s more?  The reality is, we are a consciousness first, and a physical being second.  We tune to specific frequencies that are who we are. But the bandwidth is much greater than just our consciousness.  There are multiple levels of superconsciousness – your higher self and more.  Elemental and energy beings are often described as angels.  These have been documented since the first ever written historical accounts, and people see and hear them every day, although scientific evidence has eluded us.  It must be difficult to find funding for such a study! The angels are part of your multiple levels of consciousness.  Even the laws of physics are part of our consciousness, allowing us to simultaneously observe and create our own surroundings.  Our highest level of consciousness is the divine.  God consciousness.  People like Jesus and Buddha walked to Earth to teach us that this level of consciousness is attainable.  And I am thankful!

Visualizing these levels of consciousness, you can create a virtual cell.  The human being is an integral part of the cell – its blueprint or DNA.  Other important organelles controlling cellular functioning would be archangels.  And the cell wall – the most important aspect of all, is comprised of hundreds of angels aligning themselves in a front-facing and back-facing pattern around you to protect.  Higher order angels take part as well.  Circadian rhythms are regulated by cherub, and thrones act as proteins that bind to information to be transported into and out of the cell.  Seraphim create the energy transfers, like vacuoles in the cell wall.  Thus, our consciousness can act as a living cell, becoming part of something much greater.  We are part of a living universe!  In fact, we are like the sensory organs because we perceive everything and learn about our surroundings, incorporating this into our consciousness.

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