The Consciousness Connection

Infinite possibilities of life are here for all of us. Right here, right now! This lays the foundation for us to manifest what we need in life. And the way to do this is simple! We let go of anything that blocks, focus on the feeling of the outcome we are manifesting, and we give thanks. What happens next will surprise you! Because the best part is that we don’t have to think about how manifestation happens – it just does! It may be beyond our current limits of scientific explanation. Until now.


One of the lessons I learned while studying the Omniverse is that the universe is full of quantum fluctuations, or multiple probabilities. This is simply how quantum physics works. Everything we observe is the sum of all of its probabilities. That means that the universe we live in is the sum of all parallel universes. One universe, infinite possibilities. We don’t have to think about how we do this, but what we do is align ourselves with the universe in which our manifested outcome is reality. It is an automatic process that is built into the physics of the universe! And this is the real beauty – the soul of the universe. It is made in such a way that we can use it without having to think about every step.

Do you know what else we can do without thinking about? As it turns out, almost everything! We breathe, our heart beats, our neurons exchange information, our epigenome evolves our DNA across generations Рall following the same physical laws of the universe. Herein is the beauty of consciousness. It is that which works without thought. It goes deeper too. Each cell in our body encodes itself with our unique identity. The molecules that make up the cells know how to react in such a way to make these biomachines work. The molecules are made up of atoms, which are made of subatomic particles that all follow rules of engagement and attraction to make everything fit together in such a way to make you live. Even the subatomic particles come into existence from pixels of virtual particles cycling between states of matter and antimatter. All automatic!

On this level of existence, your consciousness – that which works without thought – is the SAME on a universal level. The same on a universal level. Your physicality is the same across the universe! Is there a universal consciousness? Yes, it is your consciousness. The laws of physics are part of your consciousness. The realms of angels and archangels are part of this consciousness. Your body, your identity, and your soul are one with this consciousness. And we don’t have to explain it – it just is! We only need to¬†perceive it if we choose to.

Sometimes, we complicate things. We over-think in an attempt to explain this phenomenon – the consciousness connection. We create the illusion of separation between our consciousness and a conscious creator. But if we don’t need to think about every tiny little piece of reality that is part of us, why would anything else? We just observed how the universe works to make us. In the same way, the universe doesn’t need the kind of consciousness that has to think everything into existence. This is the power of observing. We observe things into existence. We observe things in action. We don’t struggle to think about each little step – we just observe and in doing so, create our reality. We do this as a human. And we do this as a universe. As above, so below. Because when we observe, we change the outcome. When we let the consciousness flow, we create our reality.

The lesson is simply this: don’t over-complicate things. Things are perfect the way they are. If they don’t seem that way, or if you see repetition of negative patterns, then look for the lessons. It’s about GROWTH – not stuff. But as you learn lessons and grow, more love and abundance will enter into your presence. This is the unfolding of the consciousness connection! The power is in you. You are the intelligent divine!

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Change your perception, change your universe.

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