The Cosmic Ballet


Our perception sometimes makes us think we’re standing still, completely unaware of the dancing of universal energies around us and within us. It is time to become awakened. I will show you how you can literally tune in to the grand symphony of the universe and participate in its cosmic ballet.

First, become aware of you own motions. While standing still, our planet Earth spins on her axis at a speed of about 1,000 miles per hour at her equator. This is just the beginning! She circles her parent star at a rate of 66,000 mph. As we orbit the Sun, it takes us along on it’s journey in our little finger of the Milky Way galaxy at a rate of 43,000 mph. Think that’s fast? It gets even better! Our sun’s rotation around the galaxy’s supermassive central black hole – our galactic year – tales 225 million Earth years for a single rotation. This gives us a speed of 483,000 mph! On top of all that, even the galaxy is moving. We are intimately involved in a cosmic dance with our closest neighboring galaxy, Andromeda. Our galaxies will pass through each other in 5 billion years, although some have speculated we have already done this once. Eventually our galaxies and their supermassive black holes will merge.

Even the galaxies themselves are part of something bigger! Astronomers measuring movement of galaxies have shown that supermassive structures exist called galaxy clusters. and the universe itself expands, accelerating galaxies away from ours. So galaxy clusters create regional attraction whereas dark energy represents the outward expansion. Within our galaxy cluster, the Milky Way is moving at 1.3 million mph towards “the great attractor,” a region of space with an unknown source of attraction. A recent discovery was announced following studies of our own galaxy cluster. We found that we are a part of something even bigger! Now our place in the cosmic ballet is identified as Laniakea, a Hawaiian word meaning immeasurable Heaven. Beautiful! And the universe is filled with superclusters of galaxies dancing together!


 As we dance together in Laniakiea, we come together. Eventually, matter in supercluster converge. However, the universe itself is expanding. The weird trick the universe uses to do this is that  space is doing the expanding – not the structures of matter. With expansion, or dark energy, affecting the universe as a whole, we see distant galaxies and clusters moving away from us. And to make it even weirder, the objects farther away appear to accelerate. They move away from us at a faster and faster rate! This creates an illusionary bubble view of our universe because we can’t see beyond this divide – the event horizon where objects are accelerated out of view. 

To understand our motion relative to expansion of the universe, we need to look beyond our window of perception. We are going to blow the door off of our human limitations and walk right into a new era of understanding of the universe! This new frontier is the Omniverse – the all-encompassing view of ourselves. Our universe is a singularity, or just a point particle. Its path to ascension is within the framework of the Omniverse. The source imparts the singularity with energy in a region where it is stable, but in order for it to exist as an ever-expanding universe, it must first overcome its surroundings. Once it does, it becomes alive and self-aware. In short, it becomes you and me!

So if you feel like things in life are standing still, think about where you are in this cosmic ballet. You are dancing throughout the known universe and moving in ways previously unknown. Even today, the common notion is that of a static universe. Well, that’s going to change! The path to ascension is one more motion of the cosmic ballet about to be discovered – by YOU. Because when you feel the ballet and move with it, the universe literally opens up for you! You can use the laws of physics to control the strings and membranes that make up everything! You can play the music with these cosmic instruments. You can dance to this music. You can be the conductor! 

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The universe has something it wants you to know.


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