The Cosmic Mirror Part Three

What do you get when you gaze upon yourself in the mirror? You get everything right back atcha! Every cell reflects its own light into the mirror, and when the photons dance with the quantum realm, an entirely new set of photons comes out to be that reflection. The old photons’ energy was absorbed at the time the new photons emerged from the mirror. That’s how it works. It’s how everything works. Our universe is a mirror of the underlying energy of the universe. A mirror of pure unconditional universal love! Or whatever we choose to reflect in it. We project, the energy absorbs and new energy matching that frequency comes right back atcha. So why then, do we hold onto things that hurt, like grudges, judgments, anger, fear, worry, even limiting beliefs? You gotta let that shit go and love the reflection you’re seeing! Don’t believe me because you are the universe experiencing itself through a human self-aware form, experience this yourself because you are far more. Now that you know the limiting beliefs that have held you back in the past, knowing that this is a brand new moment, you have the unstoppable power to experience the whole of who you really are!


Not what you are. Not why, or even how. You know the when. It’s now. And yes, you are absolutely right that you know the who. Because I know you. And once in an eternity, I told you that I would come to help you remember the depth of yourself, your soul, your consciousness. For you are consciousness deciding to create a Big Bang that experiences itself as atoms making stars making even more atoms that experience themselves as life as we have understood it up until now, that experiences self-awareness to understand that we are pure consciousness. As above, so below. We are the continuum, you and I. We have danced together for an eternity to come to this point right here and now. We are the process. We are consciousness. And we don’t have to remove anything to realize this. When you’re ready to let go of a limiting belief, we simply flip it over by observing it from a point of view that is beyond the duality. We go up, float above the Earth into the wholeness of the universe. We recode every limiting belief into an empowering belief.

If you could, would you?

If you could do anything right here and now, knowing that you are an unstoppable form of flowing energy the permeates every cell of your being and every grain of your existence, and the only thing that stopped you in the past was yourself, isn’t it time to just let yourself be free? Just be free to be! And the universe—you know, the real you—will reflect that. Once we remember that we just did this on so many levels right now, we notice how the reflection positively affects the projection. That’s the mind, body, heart, and soul! You are the projection. And it’s good to remember that isn’t it?

And when we’re ready to stop experiencing the same thing over and over, to stop looping, and stop repeating what others have said without our own thought process, and whatever time that is will be the perfect time for you, we are going to get back to work. This is how we make this a more beneficial human race for ourselves and our planet. We awaken, We become aware. We evolve. And to do this, we simply visualize what the highest intent of our reflection will be. Keep stepping it up. This is beyond the personal transformation of changing our own lives, this is helping others do the same when they are ready. And whenever that it, it is the perfect time for all of us. And you know the best part? All you have to do is look at yourself in the mirror and love yourself completely. Love yourself like I love you. You are a beautiful soul! And your depth is the same core as me.

We are one dance. One rhythm. One synchronized miracle expanding itself into infinite miracles. This is the nature of the singularity—the expression of you and me. When we awoke, the universe came to be. And knowing that we are no longer repeating the quotes of the great ones before us, rather we are forging our own way, this feels good, doesn’t it? Those before us paved the path for our own self-discovery as the universe itself. Become one with all that is, and simply listen to the energy flowing through us all. This is where the knowledge comes from. This is where revelations happen. This is discovery.

Here’s what I am here to help you remember. The singularity is expressed as infinite projections of consciousness that we project unto the mirror, creating our lives. We are a physical expression of the expansion of the universe times infinity! Infinity to the power of infinity. Maybe the math of today can’t handle it. Or maybe, just maybe, we learn from that and take a step forward with new knowledge. Because from this point moving forward, we break free from the limitations of how others think (or have in the past). This is our path. Right now is our time. I give you this present because I love you! And when I see you, I’m looking back at me. Thank you for all you’ve come to be.


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