The Cosmic Mirror Part Two

What have we been hiding from ourselves to ever have thought that we were merely humans of biological origin? What if there is a way to see beyond the veil of illusion that we observe to be our reality bound by the laws of physics? We ask these questions not because the answers are readily apparent our easy to find, but to create space. When we create space, we are opening ourselves up to the underlying energy of the universe. Infinite possibilities! And we pull from this field of infinite information, processing what we are able to. This is how the human brain works through perception. But change your perception and you can change your universe!


In The Cosmic Mirror, we showed how limiting beliefs affect the information we allow ourselves to perceive. Belief colors perception. We see what we believe, to quote the late Dr. Wayne Dyer.  The Cosmic Mirror is simply a new point of view that allows us to 1) look upon ourselves; and 2) observe ourselves creating in the field of infinite information. With this point of view, we not only transcend limiting beliefs, but we can also perceive from beyond the level of consciousness that perceives opposites. That level of consciousness is rooted in the very laws of physics.

With our expanded awareness, we can residue the scope of what the laws apply to. One trick about laws of physics is that they generally are limited in application for simplicity. Take the law of gravity for instance. We know things fall to the earth and other objects in space. In spiritual circles, this idea was expanded upon in the law of attraction. I see this as the same thing, but more applicable to all kinds of forces: gravity, electromagnetism, and the weak and strong nuclear forces. They’re all forms of attraction. And they’re all transmutations of a hypothetical single underlying energy. I say it’s love. Love is everywhere in, through, and around us! The Cosmic Mirror allows us to see this pure beauty of the universe.

Another fun one is the law of entropy. This means that things go from order to chaos. I love this! The human mind always seems to want to do the opposite doesn’t it? But then again, in our new realm of knowledge, the opposite doesn’t exist does it? So what then are we doing? Looks to me like we’re looping, repeating thoughts over and over, rather then emptying amd letting flow freely.

Let’s take a step outside of ourselves… just for a moment. Let’s observe through the cosmic mirror. We can see ourselves and the evolutionary chain, observing all time at once. When we look back, we see an orderly universe become disorderly, creating pockets of energy differences. When we turn up the chaos knob, these become galaxies! Fast forward, and we can see how the formation of complex molecules from simple atoms is another version of this. Those molecules became life as we know it! No I won’t clean my room, life is evolving!

Our minds are naturally the same. This is growth, evolution, and spiritual advancement. Imagine if you could see your thoughts like stars In the sky. Where the mind loops with limiting beliefs, repetition of past events, worry about the future, or even drama and gossip, this becomes the background. Just like the background temperature in the early universe maps we’ve created. But in the moments of silence when the mind is free, there we have found life’s ah-ha moments. Pure channeled thought. Even messages from our super consciousness, guiding us on our divine path. This is where life starts.

And right now, to think that our consciousness is really that powerful, seems almost inconceivable, like chaos, right? But through the cosmic mirror, we see ourselves and our thoughts, and we see the mirror image: We see in the mirror is what lies just beyond the limits of our perception. And when we do, or perception has changed. Our understanding grows. We automatically resolve things that have been running on the brain for years. We see ourselves in a coherent light. We love ourselves even more! And this is just the beginning…

So what will you do with your newfound perception? Well you create life? Will you find the love of the entire universe in every grain of your existence? Will you see the process and love all of it? See yourself evolve. See yourself forgive and let go. See yourself embracing unconditional love. This is the essence of the pure beauty that we perceive through our own enlightenment. They’re is no reality being ripped apart in front of our eyes. There is only the lessons of our lives unfolding perfectly, at just the right time for you. Smile. Breathe. It’s all happening for you!

Peace, love, and knowledge


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