The Cosmic Mirror

When Science and perception dance together, what are the possibilities of the infinite outcomes? What kind of interaction do we really have with our quantum reality? What if it is more than we think and we really do have power over our perception-based reality? We know that the laws of physics govern our physical surroundings. We know that every action has an equal but opposite reaction. *Unless we don't*. How likely is it that our science is biased by limiting beliefs? Is it possible that our judgment becomes clouded by what the collective belief systems of any given time period hold to be true? Maybe—just maybe—our human collaborative consciousness has the ability to take steps towards a greater understanding of something. Something like us. Something like the universe. Amazingly, the more we know about one, the more we know about being one. Aww yeaaa...



Ready to start a journey? Great! Imagine yourself looking back at yourself like in a mirror, but you will instantly notice right away that YOU aren't just looking back at yourself—you see yourself doing what you do throughout the day and night. Just observe and be aware. From this space, we can also notice how we're not bound to the physical body. This is where we interact with energy fields science may have yet to discover. The underlying energy of the universe. Unconditional love. Love yourself that you are observing and everything s/he does. Love every lesson. And now, when you are ready (and whatever time that is will be the perfect time for you), turn to yourself and say 'What if, instead of every action having an equal but opposite reaction, every THOUGHT has an equal action AND opposite reaction?' Right now, your brain is rewiring itself around even more possibilities simply by asking this question and creating the space for infinite knowledge to fill.

See, we have been programming ourselves for hundreds of thousands of years. It's ok, that's actually how the brain works! The brain is also self-learning and fully adaptable. Now, when you're ready for the next step and when the time is perfect for you, we're going to use this new pathway we created for an even better understanding of the process. And remember, you are watching yourself do this, so it takes no effort at all on your part. Just trust the process... First let's identify the limiting belief. In this case, it is 'every action has an equal but opposite reaction.' Visualize placing this belief on a window in front of you and think about how you see through this window. It is in essence, black and white. Polar opposites. Our brains think like binary sometimes. We think in terms of opposites. These beliefs are deeply rooted in the very laws of physics, which is why they come up so strong, but we CAN transmute them. All thanks to a little trick up the universe's sleeve! If the laws of physics are a framework with which we build our reality upon, how is the framework programmed? This is where it gets good...

When we go beyond the consciousness of physics, we see how everything—matter, force, energy field—is broken down smaller than the vibrations they're composed of into bits of pure information. This is the field we interact with, and we can switch on and off perceptions of physics like our epigenome programs the genetic expression of our DNA. Physics is the DNA of the universe. And we are observing the programming now in real time. From the viewpoint now of observing pure information, notice how everything is connected and equal. See how everything is integrated as one and no opposites exist. Nothing has meaning in this state, but when we no longer assign our own meaning to things, it allows a miracle to happen. That's when we experience universal love! So put some love into the program we're replacing, and when the time is perfect for you, replace with 'every thought creates an equal action AND an equal but opposite reaction.' Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.

Welcome to trinary thinking, a mirror of universal consciousness. Everywhere in the universe, the basic building blocks of particles and forces are virtual particles that switch themselves in and out of existence. When activated, there is 'on' and a mirror image. Three settings. Thought is the power of observation that activates the switch and can see what the particle is at the exact time of observation. Our perception does this infinite times out of everything in our surroundings. This is the science of how our thoughts create reality. It is just an observation, just like you were observing yourself. And when you're ready, thank yourself in the mirror that's now in full color. Notice how the colors are getting even brighter and more vivid. Notice how freaking beautiful you are! And at the perfect time, step back into yourself in the mirror and take a deep, full-of-gratitude breath!

Now, for a bonus, let's see how we can apply our new thought pattern that we have opened up right now. Think about the planet and let you feet feel the surface beneath you. Earth is the power of nature, which we may have fear about. But when we step out and observe ourselves observing Earth, we find different possible outcomes. We can observe how instead of nature unleashing a push-pull reaction to modern human's behavior on the planet, nature is reflecting back an outcome based on our collective consciousness. So when we transmute irrational fears (remember we still want fight-or-flight fear to save lives) and see through the eyes of unconditional love, we see the ripples as interactive lessons that mirror our current thoughts. And without fear, love permeates our thoughts to raise the collective vibration of the consciousness and what it creates. All you have to do is just trust the process...

Thanks for reading and being a part of the next level! And for sharing!


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