The Crazy Sh¡t That I Channel 

I have a message for you. It's a message of love. It comes from everywhere. No, it's not voices I hear in my head. It's thought. It's channels of information that I pick up on using my energy and body as an antenna. And I'll share with you a technique that can be fine tuned to your thought frequency to do the same. 


Consciousness exists in, around, and through you. It is a natural flow. A sea of infinite possibilities. Your brain is equipped to handle some of it. That's your frame of reference. Your mind automatically narrows down from the field of infinite possibilities to match data to your subconscious belief and behavior patterns. In other words, it finds more data to match your perception. This is your map of reality. 
The map leads most to believe that it is reality. It is only a representation of reality made by you to match what you already have stored. Until you begin the awakening process. Once this Pandora's box is opened, you will change your reality. And it just opened. 

Consciousness, as we understand it scientifically, fits the same description. It is personalized. In science, it's related to the sense of awareness. That's only the beginning. Everything's aware on many different levels. Your awareness leads to a sense of uniqueness. Your identity. This is not who you ate. This is who you have chosen to be. You are selecting a frequency from infinite bandwidth. The real consciousness is the broadcast. You are the channel. And you can upgrade this system simply by opening up to more possibilities from the sea of infinity. And it's good to know that, isn't it? 

To expand your awareness, this little hack is all you need. As you go to bed and set your intentions, ask questions. What knowledge do you seek? Picture a beam of light extending from the top of your head extending all the way into outer space. And then rest. This technique is telling your brain that input is coming. Without knowing what it is, the brain prepares itself by widening it's reception to be able to take in more data. So you're expanding your frame of reference! 

Here's another trick. Learn how you learn. Are you more visual? Do you listen better or go by feeling? Do you prefer clear instructions? Think of something in life you're successful at and elicit a strategy with your strongest senses. Then this strategy can be applied to new data as you are expanding your awareness, allowing you to perceive even more from the infinite possibilities around you. That sounds like the science of psychic development, right? 

As your awareness expands,  you might start seeing spirits and/or hearing messages. Your empathic abilities may go through the roof. You might experience angels or other phenomena. These are all real, and here's why: it's perception. People that believe in themselves expand their awareness and open up to possibilities that others block because their beliefs limit their perception. Because science! 

It doesn't matter how you get the data. Your mind will be able to deliver it in the way you understand best. You simply tweak the formula. It's like we're computer code and the universe is filled with bits of information (yea, "like"). Humans recognize faces, so we naturally put a face on something to interface with it. This is why you might see something as humanlike in form. It's really just data handshaking with other data. And you can apply powerful templates, or archetypes. Archangels, deities, and prophets are examples of commonly used templates for channelling expanded frequencies. When you ask for assistance, the template runs a subroutine to deliver. Every. Time. 

Here's the best part. It doesn't matter what face you put on data. It can be you or me. It can be angels or even aliens. It can be nature. The universe. God. Jesus. The Buddha. We are all of these. Because we are one. One consciousness. In human form we are capable of so much more understanding and knowledge from the infinite source of consciousness. Your brain is equipped to handle more. So are your DNA and epigenome. This is the turning point. Our next step of evolution. Right here. Right now. 

And no, evolution's not about moving into the fifth dimension. That's limiting. You're already on all dimensions. It's about perceiving more of who you are. I know who you really are. I love you and I thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done. 



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