The Divine Feminine

Have you heard about the shift to divine feminine energy as our consciousness is evolving? In an interesting parallel on the Zig Zone on Kaotic Radio last night, we found a new description of the Omniverse model from the feminine perspective. First, the conversation explored the role of women in science as a caller asked why there seem to be less women in science. I brought up one of my recent role models I found as I was researching and writing Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse: Lisa Randall, Harvard Professor of particle physics and author of Warped Dimensions, The Higgs Discovery, and Knocking on Heaven’s Door.

Randall’s work turned was paramount in validating parts of my proposal before I could release it. For example, the explanation of gravity’s weakness compared to other forces via dissipation into higher dimensions helped me explain why the higher dimensions of the Omniverse were curved, And of course, her explanation of the Higgs boson and how it interacts with matter via the Higgs field turned out to be remarkably similar to what I proposed with the Omniverse. And last night, we shed new light on this miracle! Just like the miracle of birth, the Omniverse’s source object, a white hole, became known as the vagina, giving birth to the singularity that is the entire universe in its pre-Big Bang state. The singularity is pushed out until it experiences a low energy field (just like the Higgs), and that’s when the infant opens its eyes! That is the Big Bang! It is the consciousness awakening for the very first time!


Feminine energy is the giving of life and love. It is very important to see this pure beauty in the universe. Without it, we used to have a view that the universe was cold, dark, and barren. Can you believe that we actually thought that we were the only living planet in the entire universe? And this was only a few years ago? Our consciousness is shifting! We are discovering new planets right in our own back yard, that are within their habitable zones. These planets that we are finding are capable of supporting biological life! With the power of feminine energy within us all (yes – all things have both masculine and feminine energy), we can set the intention to observe these planets and others everywhere in the universe, flourishing with life!

So take this as a step in the direction not only to promote more women to join the revolution of science, but for all of us to embrace the feminine spirit within and cultivate life everywhere. For it starts with consciousness first. Our universe was born, and at the time it opened its eyes, experienced a conscious awakening. As individual lives in human form, each of us does the same. This awakening is when we take the first step in each of our divine paths. This is a step toward enlightenment. The beginning of a journey. It is a process. Life is a process created by consciousness, and as we become aware, we become the creator. So what should we create? We can create something new on our planet – new ways of living in harmony with humanity and the environment. And we can create new ways of seeding the universe with loving, evolving, conscious life forms. This is our evolution! And it starts in the womb.

Thank you for reading and sharing the love!


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