The Elegant Truth

The Elegant Truth

Regardless of what you choose to believe or disbelieve, nothing changes the fact that our existence is simply a product of the natural laws of physics of the universe. The universe lays the foundation for creation of atoms, stars, galaxies, biological life and its evolution, in order to become self-aware.

As humans, we have become aware to our direct surroundings. We have used religion, science, and/or spirituality to describe this one phenomenon. Every culture on this planet has a unique version and our origins can be explained in every language ever used here. Just because we don’t understand it doesn’t make it untrue. There are no absolute right and wrong ways of describing it.

There is, however, a simple truth to our existence: We are here. We have everything we need to survive on this planet. We are elegantly formed by energies of the universe that affect every aspect of our being. In short, we are loved and cared for. Love the universe you’re in!

Peace, Love, and Knowledge
The Omniverse

Photograph: Cirrus cloud angel seen over the Royal Palm Beach area in South Florida on March 14, 2013

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