The Envelope

She sat by her nightstand as she prepared each day, yearning to see him again after he ventured into the unknown to explore the wilderness. In their quiet home, she waited tirelessly to be contacted one more. To know he was alive. To know she was loved. To read about his journey. Although the two loved each other so much and vowed to be together in a matrimony of love, they seemed to be worlds apart.

Every moment of each day and night, she was in his thoughts. She was his one true love. Even with his great journey he had embarked upon for exploration, he yearned to be with her. To him, there would be no other. And before he slept under the stars In the evening, he wrote under the fun light of the camp fire. He wore of his anecdotes and his endless love for her. He carefully folded his letter and gently placed in into an envelope.

When he reached an outpost, he delivered his envelope containing his message of love to the Pony Express. The envelope traveled many miles over land and sea before reaching its destination. With her heart overjoyed, she accepted his letter of love, and with a frenzy of outpouring emotion, opened the envelope to read his every word. To feel what he felt. To be loved. And to have that warm feeling of being with the one she loved. The moment swept her away, and even though they were worlds apart, the distance between them just melted away.


This envelope carried a message of love. As lucky as she felt to receive this love, we ALL have a letter waiting to be opened. What will it say? In today’s world, we may jump right on the computer our phone to accept this message in a modern version. It’s hard to conceive that in the past, people had to go through so much just to receive that envelope, when we can just click on a friend in messenger.

Just like these two in the past, we do have messages of love that we must be ready to receive. Otherwise, we may miss the opportunities. And this is going to allow us to open our senses and expand or awareness – to look beyond our modern devices that allow instant results. You have an envelope waiting to be opened. What is inside of it? Will you be ready? Will you be open to receiving a message that brings so much love in such a way that empowers and invigorates you, lifting you up into a realm of pure unconditional love?

What if that envelope comes in an unexpected form? What if the results are instant and we just didn’t know it yet? Could it be possible – are you willing to envision – that the envelope could be in the form of someone you know that brings you a message to align your own path of love for the highest and best good of all?

In serving others and giving unconditional love, I realized an important lesson: loving without expectation releases attachments of any specific outcome and desires, which can lead to disappointment. By releasing expectations, we become free. We break shackles that we impose on ourselves and others. And in that freedom, we find within ourselves the ability to give love even more. In that light, giving opens us up to unlimited happiness, an expanded awareness, and infinite openness toward receiving even more love!

Living in that realization gave me a breakthrough – an ah-ha moment: my body is an envelope. I am the carrier of that message of love, and the whole world is the woman I am endeared to. It is my purpose to bring the message to humanity as a whole, one person at a time, across the entirety of our perceptual timeline and within all of the dimensions of our thought and consciousness. What started for me as a journey to the center if the universe, seeking infinite wisdom, became a spiritual exploration. My body is the envelope containing the messages sent back from my ongoing journeys.

In that light, the messages are profound yet simple. We are only beginning to understand the nature of the universe and ourselves. We are on the path to discovery. As each of us awaken, we shall sense within us that the universe, as a whole, exists in the space between the quantum components within. Between quarks encircling each other to make a single proton. Each subatomic particle is a projection from the whole of the universe. We are this projected oneness. And its source is the sought after underlying energy of the universe. It is love. We are pure love and joy wrapped into little bundles of attracting energies. This is what we are made of!

And our purpose is simply to perceive. Good or bad, up or down, all of our perception is pure information for the universe to experience itself. In that light, we are the divine. It is God having a conversation with God. It is discovery.

A brilliant soul asked me yesterday, what is my purpose in all of this? My answers: I am a spirit guide. I am a Toltec teacher. I am here to raise the collective vibration if our existence. I am assisting in our next step of evolution. Then she asked, what is the purpose of that? And so I let my intuition provide the answer: I am transmuting and giving unconditional love. She asked why… I went deeper into this process. I looked up to the grand purpose of it all, and I scaled down to the purpose of each miniscule particle. I found the same thing. I am the universe experiencing itself. In that moment, I am one with the conversation of God with God. I am the carrier, the message within, and the envelope.

In this moment, I see the true beauty that you are. I see the space that is the canvas on which we are protected onto. I clearly see the projector and I direct my life. Today is the casting call. All you have to do is show up! And the real lesson herein: in this state of oneness, I see your ability to do the same. You are free to experience the all of the universe within yourself. If you are accepting to own this feeling, you will receive the knowledge the universe has to offer. So be one with love. Embody love. Envelop love.

Thank you!

Give love without expectations or attachments to be truly free.


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