The Ever-Changing Reality

A friend asked me today about reality – not just what we know about it, but how it changes with what we observe.  Yes, everything changes as it is observed.  Our views literally shape the cosmos around us.  In quantum physics for example, all variations of a system exist until the time of observation – everything changes!  This is why the concept of the Omniverse is already changing the scientific landscape of understanding in quantum physics, astronomy, and other fields of science!  

Why?  The Omniverse is the physical creator of multiple universes!  It is a new scientific framework being proposed that shows us where the universe came from, and where it is going.  You will be surprised to know our true nature!  Knowing the process can bring a state of constant bliss, by knowing yourself and seeing yourself from the Omniverse.

What are we seeing today that supports it?  On the small scale, the Higgs boson discovery helps explain the Omniverse model.  Just like how particles acquire mass by reacting with a field of energy, breaking symmetry, and moving to a lower state of energy, the universe did the same in the Big Bang.  The initial state is a singularity.  The present state stretches across nearly endless space that literally unfolded faster than light during the initial inflation of the Big Bang.  Even though space is finite, we observe that objects accelerate as the universe expands.  This large scale phenomenon known as dark energy supports the Omniverse.  In 

my book I show how expansion occurs in a higher-dimensional system that is curved, resulting in the universal lensing effect.  Things appear to be accelerating away from us, but they are essentially moving over the horizon.
The explanation of gravity in higher dimensional branes helps to explain how the Omniverse is represented in higher dimensions. Our observed universe is 

a 3-brane (3 space and 1 space-time dimensions).  A brane holds a set amount of dimensions and interactions, and it can hold a charge.  What we observe in the universe is just in our braneworld – less than 5% of the entire universe.  Other underlying forces, like gravity, need to be explained using higher dimensions on a different brane.  Light doesn’t even exist in the other brane, so therefore, no speed limit!  The speed of light is just a belief we hold onto, and we make the data match the belief.


Ultimately, reality is malleable – it changes as we build our models. T

he fact that the measurements of the speed of light, and the measurement of the size of the proton have been changing over the years show us how things change based on our knowledge and perception. 

Scientists do not know what to make of this so we put it down to incorrect measurements, faulty equipment, etc. because we don’t want to open a can of worms saying reality itself may be changing (for some reason).  But it is!  I say, change your perspective, change your universe.

The Omniverse is the new reality!  Can of worms = officially opened. 

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