The Field of Infinite Possibilities


So I talk about this field all the time. Yes, all the time ūüėČ The field of infinite possibilities. I have heard about it and read about it in many spiritual teachings. I tend to reference it as if it is something already known. In fact, it is! Right now, your higher self knows exactly what this field is and how to disseminate information from it. But something tells me that more of us here might be interested in learning how the field works. Could this knowledge inspire us even more to manifest for the highest and best good of our lives? Our planet? Our universe? You bet! And the best thing is that this is something you already know on a soulular level, so reading this will activate even more creative power with this field.

The field of infinite possibilities is simply our true reality. It transcends time, space, dimensions, even duality (positives and negatives). But it is not separate from us. We draw from this field in order to construct our multidimensional reality. This is all done on a level of higher awareness known as superconsciousness, or God consciousness.

The infinite possibilities are always present. This is just a natural consequence of the quantum physics our consciousness uses to construct reality. But we are perceptive in such a way to see part of the picture. Limited dimensions and a one-dimensional timeline. In this field of infinite possibilities governed by quantum physics, all time, space, distances, and energies exist. Simply, everything is one. This explains why seemingly separate particles in our reality can be entangled via “spooky-action-at-distance.”

There are certain distortions in¬†our view of reality¬†that give us clues to the bigger picture, like dark energy – the expansion of the universe. It is quite literally the window with which we view ourselves through. Think of two perceptual positions. One within our reality, which can also be first, second, or third person point of view, and one “outside” our reality, which is behind the looking glass so to speak. This perceptual position allows us to see infinite potential of all things in this universe. Limitless¬†beauty. This is the space in which we create our lives, our lessons, even our destiny for those who follow a predetermined path in the other view’s timeline. But on this side, all possibilities are there. For any given outcome, there is a parallel universe connected to our reality. In this field, we are aligning these parallels in order to make the most of the infinite potential of our lives. When we are aware of this process, the control is immense. We ARE¬†manifesting everything we need for our highest and best good.

Speaking of parallels, here’s a very interesting one that I came across before I started my recent leg of my spiritual journey. When I sat down to write about how the universe started even before the Big Bang, I saw the universe from this field. I saw the universe from the time of the Big Bang, with all possibilities of time and space and all possible parallels. Bringing this experience back into our reality literally redefines how we perceive reality. The Omniverse is this field! It is the projector. Our reality is but a canvas. We project onto our canvas¬†using each individual’s map of reality. But the real lesson, the ‘ah-ha’ moment is in knowing this: We are the director of that which we are projecting.

We have many tools at our disposal for mapping ourselves onto this canvas called reality from the field of infinite possibilities. Quantum physics provides the operating system. Our graphical user interface is created from physics. Colors we see. Sounds we hear. Our subconsciousness is the code written from the infinite possibilities. Our consciousness is the execution of this code. It is our command line. We are self-aware intelligence. Simple as that.

And being self-aware allows us to look out into this vast universe and ponder its many mysteries. We hypothesize and test things to make theories and laws that describe our reality. Some tests are happening right now at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) to seek evidence of higher dimensions and parallel universes. The same facility just two years ago found evidence of the Higgs boson, verifying the Higgs mechanism, by which particles gain mass. But do you know what the key player is in this mechanism? Is it¬†the particle – that¬†only comes into existence for a fraction of time and instantly decays?¬†Or it is the field from which this particle comes, known as the Higgs Field?¬†This field is the energy that gets concentrated into particles for just enough time to interact with other particles, giving them mass. My Omniverse model was the same on a different scale. Instead of mass, our universe interacted with this field of possibilities to gain space. Space is the canvas we project onto. Our timeline – our entire physical existence on this planet – is that blip that gives meaning to the whole thing! We are those bundles of energy that make life happen. Still think we’re insignificant?

We may be in and out as part of a linear timeline in our inner perceptual position, but when we see the outer perception from this field of infinite possibilities, we see the meaning¬†of our existence. And this meaning is profound, because we are using the very laws of physics as a blueprint to program our lives. We are directing that projector. We are living this reality to the fullest, because that’s what we want to be doing. This is love, This is beauty, This is infinite potential!

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