The Fiscal Cliff and the Edge of the World

What do we have in common with the fiscal cliff and the edge of the world?  These are both imaginary limits we, as humans, placed on ourselves.  It’s not real!  Nevertheless, people used to believe that the world was flat, and if one ventured all the way to the edge, he or she could literally fall of the edge of the world.  Today’s society is conditioned to believe a monetary fiscal cliff puts some kind of limits on our lives.  Someday we will look back at this and laugh, just as we do with the flat Earth belief. 

Humans are actually obsessed with putting limits on ourselves.  It doesn’t end with this fiscal cliff we keep hearing about.  For years, physicists have been predicting an event horizon, or a point of no return, at the edge of the universe.  Since Hubble’s discovery that the universe is expanding, we have been able to scientifically prove this fact.  The further we look to the “edge” of the universe, the faster objects move away from us.

But what if another explanation shows us that the universe can be expanding, and this apparent “edge” is non-existent?  While researching for my book, Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse, I actually found a very simple explanation.  The universe is expanding in a higher-dimensional matrix.  The result is a uniform expansion.  However, with objects further away from us, light in our 4 dimensions follows a longer distance, giving the effect that they accelerate away from us.  In the Omniverse, there is no edge of the universe!

So what does this mean for our other make believe limits?  It means don’t be afraid.  Through scientific observation and measurements, we found that the Earth wasn’t flat.  The fiscal cliff – the more we play into it, the more powerful we make this private company, known as the Federal Reserve, but if we don’t play their game, they will eventually go away.  The edge of the universe?  Welcome to the Omniverse.

Read more about it when Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse is released.  Updates will be posted on  Enjoy your infinity!

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