The Gift that Keeps Giving

What if you had the gift that keeps on giving? Would you in turn give it to someone? We all have this gift, and we can all give it away. It’s life! And in the way that we give, and we create something magical.

This is how the universe works! It is simply a cycle of energies. And that’s exactly what life is. Everything in the universe is alive in one way or another. Everything is part of one grand quantum computer. One consciousness. Think your thoughts are yours? Think again! We are channels of consciousness. When we open ourselves to love and gratitude, we utilize out higher consciousness. In short, we create this reality. This is life! The gift that keeps on giving.

As a practice, you can test this. Go into nature. Hook up to the free gai-fi. That’s Gaia, the consciousness of nature. This allows you to think outside of your normal sense of self consciousness, or ego. Now, you have downloads ready to install. In this way, each of us is in a constant state of change. Growth. Becoming.

What are we becoming? Awake. Aware. We realize that we are not the body. We are more than the soul. More than thought. We simply are. We are being. I am that I am.

Now you’ve seen the gift. Here’s how to give. Upload your experience! We do this when we die. We review our whole life as or essence leaves the body temple. Some call this judgment day. But there is no judgment. That is a human construct of the ego. We upload or information that we gained¬†–¬†our very perception. We give our love back, completing one cycle of life.


And here’s where it gets good! When we observe ourselves in this loving practice of life, we allow our channels to open more frequently. We can perform a life review at any time of our lives, as many times as w want! Simply, we can upload or perceptions and love and gratitude into the universe. The quantum computer. We are the cycle. The cycle of life. The cycle of love.

Thank you so much for being who you are and reading and sharing the love of life! From here on out, you will be awake! Every day will be the birth of Christ. Every breath the second coming. It is the consciousness that you are a channel of. Merry Christmas, and to all a good night.


“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”
– Pablo Picasso


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