The Greatest Gift of All

Through my own path and experiences I came to one of life’s ultimate realizations.  An answer to an enigma.  And this could be humanity’s greatest gift of all.  But the answer will surprise you.  Because the greatest gift of all is simply this: not knowing.

I can explain why this is in terms of philosophy, while delving into the written history of humanity and science behind our evolution.  You see, not knowing is a gift because it drives our desire to learn.  To learn about what we are and where we came from.  Not knowing is why we set foot on our own unique, individual paths to find enlightenment.  It encourages us to become a better person than who we were the day before.  Not knowing gives life meaning.


In the historical documentation tracing back to the origins of humans, we actually started out as a completely enlightened species.  This was written in what may be the earliest historical documentation of the human race: The Books of Enoch.  His writing have been substantiated as authentic using scientific techniques.  His teachings were summarized but mostly lost in the book of Genesis, where it refers to the land of giants and the biblical flood.  But there was much more information about our beginnings in the Books of Enoch.  We actually started out knowing everything about our divinity.  We know how to manifest the energy necessary to put quarks and gluons together to form protons ans neutron.  We could mentally build every atom in our cells and program our own cell with each unique identity.  We new how to control the epigenome to program our biological blueprint – our DNA.  But there is no physical evidence for this civilization within the time frame documented by Enoch.

Scientifically, we must explain the lack of data in our fossil record instead.  We do know that modern humans appeared in the fossil record some time before 200,000 years ago.  In a recent find, tools were discovered related to our species, not other hominids, that were 280,000 years old.  Mitochondrial DNA studies have found that most of us have common ancestors 250,000 years old or more.  Recent studies have found mitochondrial DNA from ancestors as old as 400,000 years.  What does this mean?  It means we don’t have all the answers.  So we strive to learn, to discover.


What about the fabled enlightened species?  Without the gift of not knowing, would they have the same desire to learn?  Not if they already knew.  Existence became meaningless, and I thought that maybe they just decided not to exist in the physical form anymore.  This might explain the gap in the fossil record, and even great historical structures built with technology greater than ours.  Our unknowing became our gift because it gives us meaning on our own path to enlightenment.  And it is why we are here today, in this present moment.  The take-away is that to live your life, you must get out of your comfort zone.  So go out and discover something magnificent!

Thank you for reading.

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