The Greatest Gift

Once I was taken out of this universe. It was to see this creation from a new perspective. And for me to choose my path, my purpose, and my world. I came here to discover. To learn. And to spread the gifts of love. There’s more to us than what we know. There’s more to consciousness than what we know. And there’s more to the universe than what we know…

First of all, you are connected to all that is in the multiverse. Parallel universes are real. Multiple dimensions are real. Time is eternal and infinite. And there is life elsewhere in the universe. Just tap in to your own energy and I’ll guide you there. Your essence is one and the same. And quantum entanglement is the science behind your connectedness.

But that’s not the best lesson yet. It’s the conductor, or the media for energy to travel, like space is to the universe. Space isn’t empty. It contains everything.

That was necessary for the miracles to happen. Space creates the illusion of separation. And that allows the universe to grow, evolve, and thrive with life. 

Because the building blocks are everywhere. So quarks attract gluons to make protons and neutrons. They attract each other to make nuclei and then attract electrons. Atoms attract other atoms to create molecules, and you evolved from these chemicals.

You already know this process. 

You don’t have to study science for this. Your chemistry is wired to this same process. You evolved in alignment with this energy, just as plants grow toward light. Your brain’s chemical reactions allow you to feel this miracle. And sometimes, feeling is the best way to learn.

Imagine meeting someone for the first time and falling in love. You didn’t meet by coincidence. Nothing happens by accident. You are in alignment with your divine purpose and this wonderful synchronicity happened to help guide you on your path. You were meant to come together just like atoms do to form living beings. You are creating life.

Go into your memory of the time this happened and changed your life for good. How did s/he look? Did you notice other colors and the scenery? Were there aromas you can easily recall? Was there music or other sounds you remember? And how did you feel when you embraced one another, holding each other in your arms? Did time just seem to slow down or even stop at this moment?

That’s the key…

You feel attraction, and your brain gets stimulated by your chemistry. We call that love. But love is far more. Love is the attraction of all things in the multiverse–your connectedness. In the miracle of life, you experience this attraction with all of your senses. And in doing so, you become a better version of yourself. You become everything to another beautiful soul as you become one together. And that is beautiful!

The greatest lesson I learned while exploring the Omniverse is this. Simply this: Everything attracts, therefore everything is love. The illusion of separation was necessary to bring everything back together. It is a process of metamorphosis. And you go through your own metamorphosis in love and life. As you become more aware of your connectedness to consciousness, you become one with this process. And you fall in love with yourself. Your highest potential. Your Christ consciousness.

That’s unconditional love. It’s universal. It allows you to give love and never run out! It’s infinite. And true love knows no boundaries. Only connectedness.

Love is the light with which we evolve. Like a prism splitting white light into a beautiful myriad of colors, you do so through your channel of consciousness. You do it in your own way, making you perfectly unique. And the colors are expressed in you in chemistry, in senses, and in emotions.

All emotions come from love.

This might seem hard to believe at first, but it’s true. Love is more than an emotion. It is the building blocks of all emotions, and what energy you choose to add colors it to make an emotion. Your perception changes the frequency to make it “good” or “bad.” And simply knowing this means that at any time you experience any dark emotions or low frequencies, this was done by your choice to receive lessons, and it can easily be transmuted back to love. Because it is love, even if it’s hiding behind your perception of the world. 

And love is the key to transmuting all feelings back to love. You give love. You love unconditionally. You love yourself, your lessons, and your energies. All of it. All the time. 

Because you are eternal!

Sometimes it just takes a new viewpoint for you to see that. See yourself through my eyes, through another’s eyes, and through God’s eyes. Feel the love permeating every grain of your existence–every cell of your being. Allow this love to bring you together, just as the universe is doing right now. Because you are the universe. It was you all along, and I came through to reflect this back to you through the miracle of love. Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.


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