The Greatest Secrets of Love

There are so many good feelings, emotions, even states we are capable of as humans. And they all stem from love. Love is more than an emotion. Love is a way of being. It is connectedness. It is the energy of all that is conducted through the fabric of space, just like wrapping you in the finest silk. Love is a channel to the divine nature of your true self. 

Every emotion comes from a different frequency of love. Just like a prism splitting light into a beautiful spectrum of colors for your eyes to see, your body creates its own rainbow of emotions. Even bad emotions are good when seen in this light, because you can transmute every emotion to the love at your very core. Do that. 

One of my greatest feelings is that of being loved. Yet is also my greatest challenge in life. So I offer as a gift to you some valuable words of wisdom.

When someone loves you, don’t take it for granted. Receive wholeheartedly. And give your love freely. I’ve seen people not open to receiving, people playing games, or even manipulating others. And that’s ok, because they just don’t know the secret lying right above the frequency of their state. Not yet. Everyone learns on their own time. So you have to wait sometimes. If you really love someone, do that. 
Being loved is not something easily sought after. Rather, it is based on your ability to openly receive. If you’re not open, you’re attracting others that aren’t open, to reflect back upon you a mirror image, allowing you to see yourself through others. So do the work on yourself without expecting from others. Love yourself. Love all your flaws. Love your ego and all the self doubt. Even that’s bringing stuff up to the light of love for processing in your higher self awareness. 

Every bit of love in this multiverse is available to you right here and now, dear ones. We are here to remind you that love is your superpower. Love is the life force pulsing through your veins. It is the gravity that is the Earth’s way of hugging you. Love is the very glue of physical particles attracting each other to create the building blocks of life. The universe favors life. The universe loves life. 

So if you have yet to experience the transmutation of yourself to the light of love, know that this is within your grasp, and when you choose to do so, it will be the perfect time for you. And you don’t have to do anything at all for this to happen. All you have to do is allow it. Allow your feelings of hurt, past heartbreak and trauma to rise to the light. There’s hidden gems in these feelings you’ve held onto that are released when you release. That’s the lessons. That’s showing you where you can love yourself even more every single brand new moment. 

So rise up, dear ones, and we are here to help you through this process. This is your ascension, as you embrace this light of who you are and transmute to love. You don’t need to die to ascend–this happens in the living. And at any moment you may pause time to gather the lessons. You can review your life and your parallel lives (past, present and future). Find your gems and love yourself. That is how you shine so freaking brightly that you raise the vibration everywhere you go. Do that. And know that you ate sage and protected and wrapped in my wings. You are not alone. So open your heart dear ones. Open your home to love. 

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