The Handy-Dandy Guide to Life

Wouldn't it be cool if there was a user manual for life? Everyone has a different understanding. So how do we bridge beliefs of all kinds and acknowledge infinite possibilities, bringing us even more coherence, regardless of what backgrounds we come from? In the interest of a complete understanding, here's an update ready for you to download to unlock the door to understanding yourself right now:


1) Let's start from the beginning. It's about time. According to modern science, time starts at the beginning of the Big Bang, because that's when the universe came to be. According to many religions, it's pretty much the same story. The arguments tend to be more about how long ago and who. 
Here's the absolute truth: ALL of the arguments about the beginning are simply describing our understanding of time, not time itself. 

That's how the human brain works. We believe how we understand something, or how we perceive it to be. This perception filters out information from within a sea of infinite possibilities. So we tell the universe what we want to see and then the subconscious filters information to show us. 

Time is eternal. Everything has a beginning and an end, yet the universal viewpoint is seeing these endpoints and everything in-between simultaneously. All time exists all the time. And multiple timelines coexist. Your timeline is that which you have allowed yourself to understand. 

2) There's plenty of space for all of us. Space is an interesting thing. It's no-thing, yet it conducts the energy of everything. Everything must flow, following the laws of physics, except for space. Space transcends the speed of light. Yet we can only perceive as much of it as the speed of light allows. That's why we only perceive a bubble within the universe--it's your perception bubble

Space transcends the geometry of shapes we know. It's zero-dimensional. It's multidimensional. It connects all things in the universe simply by allowing energy to flow across distance and even dimensions. And since it's no-thing, so are distance and dimensions. Space shows us that everything is connected. That everything is one. Space illuminates this by allowing us to perceive separation, or distance. Now that's a blessing! 

3) Reality is simply that which you've realized to be real. But it's probably not really what you think it is. Nothing is as it seems--only your understanding of it. Take an object in front of you for example. Touch it. There's tactile feedback, yes? And now you know that touch is an exchange of energies. Nothing really ever touches in space. It's energy is conducted in such a way to allow you to feel it. 

In quantum physics, we take apart all of the little parts of other parts. The old scientific point of view was that nothing smaller than atoms existed. That changed. And then it changed again. And again. Now we know that the most basic particles are vibrating energy. Yes, you are a being of energy! Even the energy in its most basic form is just bits of information. Reality is just like a computer processing information. 

And you know what's one of the most advanced tools in the known universe to process information? Your brain. That's right. Think of materializing something from a sea of infinite possibilities in time and space. Sounds complicated, right? It's something you do automatically! Now you know it's energy contextualized with your perception. And the reality you see is just as unique as you are.

4) Energy always flows. This is the law of consciousness. What we ate taught about consciousness is note like a sense of awareness of self, or even identity. It doesn't even come close. Consciousness is in all things. It is the decision of the universe to be, at the moment the Berth Bang occurs. It is the life and death of generations of stars making the building blocks of biological life. It is the process by which infinite time, space, and reality are contextualized. 

And here's the real miracle of it all. You and I are here to witness this process in, around, and through us. Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done. 



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