The Head and the Heart

Do you ever find yourself in a space where you feel like your emotions are playing tug-of-war inside of you? What's really going on in there? Would you be interested, right here and now, if there was an easy way to become fully aligned, so much more so than before, allowing even more intuitive ability? There's a hidden secret behind the process. And once its true beauty is fully revealed, it changes everything!


I invite you to come into an understanding of the purpose of each. Being headstrong can be visualized as having the intellectual mind open within your awareness. Think of it as an app, and awareness is your operating system. This is the realm of thought and systematic processing of the body's input and output. It's really good at what it does. So much so, that in cases where there's lacking information, the surface mind actually makes up information to fill in the gaps. Problem solved, right? Except, where's the data coming from?

Well we have this handy dandy little tool that helps the surface mind process. It's called the ego. Ego doesn't just mean over confidence-it's also the little voice of self doubt in your head. It loves to bring up stuff from the past. Oh, how it loves the past so much! You know what I'm talking about, right? People tend to want to kill the ego or silence the mind as a result. However, as you will see, the ego does serve a very important purpose. And after all, what kind of message are you sending to your body when you view this part of yourself as a negative and try to push it away?

What you resist persists.

The purpose of mind is deeper than once thought. There are many layers of conscious at work that are beyond the surface mind, or ego. The driving process in your head is from your subconscious. Think of this as the coding of your awareness OS and intellectual app. The subconscious codes run everything behind your values, beliefs, and behaviors. And it's fully programmable and upgradable!

Here's another little secret trick-the subconscious always carries out what it's told, but without the negatives. I invite you to listen to your inner dialog. I mean really listen to what you're saying. To talk about killing the ego is to harm oneself. Not good. To silence the mind is to resist the self talk. But regardless of whether you are moving towards or away from something in your surface mind (like self talk), the subconscious always moves toward. Yes, always. And now in this brand new light of awareness, allow yourself to acknowledge whatever it is that the surface mind brings up, with a full knowledge of what this is moving you toward.

The ego is processing it for you.

The surface mind is bringing all of this up for a very specific reason. The subconscious stores the past within the vast neural networks of the brain. Emotions and beliefs associated with past events come up as the subconscious mind brings them to the surface mind for processing. So you can rest easy knowing that when you have thoughts of self doubt or other ego-based fears, these are being brought up at exactly the right time the subconscious had decoded to process these for you in the background. Acknowledging the self talk is all you need to do to keep this process flowing for your highest and best good. And then you will notice how your self talk starts changing for the better. And even if something from the past comes up and upsets you, remember it's so the subconscious can process it and create all-new neural pathways in the brain that are now driving a positive behavior and associating with new data being stored in the memory.


And it gets even better...

That's only part of the process. There's another integral part of conscious thinking and living-the heart. We need both the head and the heart to survive. And understanding their relationship helps us thrive. When we allow the process to process, we are allowing open dialog within ourselves and free-flowing information. Think of the information like the blood the heart pumps. You wouldn't want to stop that process would you? Let it flow. To do so, simply trust that this process is working for you right here and right now.

The heart has its own neural networks too. It has its own programming. It always know what to do. Your internal process determines whether you are moving toward our away from the heart's built-in knowledge. So how can you remain in a free and open dialog with your head and your heart, allowing yourself to be fully in your power and love a life of love?


You love yourself. You love every bit of yourself. You trust the process. You allow energy to flow. The head and the heart are working in concert for you. Each is sending communication back and forth in this open dialog of energy exchange. Allow yourself to just witness this magnificent beauty. Observe. See yourself from a new light of different perceptual positions.

When you observe yourself, the lessons become revealed. I'm writing this because i just witnessed it! The process works. My concert was a little off time yesterday. I was experiencing more of the surface mind thought, which felt like the concert was playing out of time. It felt like a push-and-pull on my emotions. But i listened. I cried. I let it flow. The lesson was that past events of pain were being healed in real-time so I can move forward in love with strengthened confidence.

That's the beauty of witnessing. I saw the past go away as confidence and love filled the information stream. The concert kept playing and all of the parts became fully synchronized. Everything's in time now. And in this brand new moment, I invite you to step out of your normal frame of reference to witness the miraculous turnaround that is happening in you right here and now.

You are the conductor.

When you witness the process of open dialog between the head and the heart, you step into a new level of awareness that the observation is changing the outcome. You are the conductor. All of the little parts playing are watching you, waiting for your command. And as you watch them and allow the energy to flow, imagine how you can direct the parts as the music unfolds beatifully and synchronistically. Everything is now working in concert. You are whole and complete. You are a beautifully synchronistic bundle of physical joy!

Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.



Love the universe in you


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