The Heartbeat of the Universe

The universe is full of love because it’s full of life! Although the human discovery of extraterrestrial biological life is still waiting to happen, an understanding of the universe reveals many life cycles. Biological life is just one of these cycles. In fact, biological life has been shown in scientific studies to be a function of increasing entropy of the universe, thus following the second law of thermodynamics. If you want to understand how biological life was created, you need to trace life’s footsteps to before the first cells formed in extreme environments with biochemical reactions and no available sunlight. To take the step back and see how life was created, look within to see how far the rabbit hole goes.

The biochemical building blocks formed during early planet formation. Building blocks for life have been found on comets and even Mars! Add water and an electron donor (pyrite) and viola, instant life! Where did the building blocks, water, and minerals come from? This is where it gets good! You see, all of the atoms that make up these molecules were forged in yet another step in the evolution of life. By assuming evolution only applies to biological life, many scientists have only been looking at part of the picture! Before solar systems can form, stars go through their own life cycles, fusing heavy elements. First generation stars fuse lighter elements which are then fused into heavier elements in subsequent generations of star formation. The iron in your blood was made in this process. The mechanism that spread the elements was the death of the star – a supernova explosion. Recent studies have shown how iron was fused and spread throughout the universe after this process billions of years ago in the early universe.

Then it dawned on me. Every time our hearts beat, they circulate blood throughout our bodies. Similarly, when these stars go supernova, they circulate heavy elements throughout the universe. The stars are more than just light. Their cycles are the heartbeat of the universe! Stars are like the individual cells within our own heart. They live and die, but the heart remains pumping as cells continually regrow. So the body essentially mimics the universe in function. Both circulate iron, essential to biological life.

I hope this changes the way you choose to define what life is – and what the universe is! This is the evolution of perception in the human psyche. The evolution of consciousness. Becoming aware of the universe can and will help you understand yourself. The circulation of essential ingredients for life isn’t the only similarity. Neurons share common features with some types of bacteria when stressed. Tendrils are used to communicate information between cells. The universe has a network of dark matter that form long filaments between galaxies and galaxy clusters. Do we have a living, thinking universe? Perhaps biological life is following in the footsteps of its progenitor. Hence the ancient saying, “as above, so below.” The more you explore, the more you will find!

In my upcoming book, I take the next step back to see where the universe itself came from. I ask the question of what happened before the Big Bang? When I wrote it I realized that this is the journey within, to the core of human consciousness. In my next book I will be exploring what it means to humanity. For more information, go to and follow and @GrandSlamTheory. Thanks for reading! Even more gratitude for sharing!



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